Slovak Prime Minister Breaks Silence on COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths and Pfizer Deal

“You can twist and turn it as you wish because you know nothing except disrespecting other people’s opinions. This is the third week we’ve been talking about criminal law.” Prime Minister Robert Fico


January 26, 2024: Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico recently made a brutally honest and powerful speech in front of parliament, stating;

“We have had 21,000 deaths, which we attribute to the incompetence of our governments since 2020. To rule and focus only on economic benefits and of course to bow before the pharmaceutical companies from whom they have purchased huge quantities of unnecessary medical supplies and vaccines.” – Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico

I don’t even want to talk about the European level. You know, I was very open and told the President of the European Commission that it was clear that he was suspected of being linked to the largest purchase of vaccines in the history of the European Commission. That he had secret text messages from the director of Pfizer that were exchanged mocking the report that was completely redacted for Members of the European Parliament when it was released.