“The World Health Organization has proposed amendments to its existing treaty and is proposing a new treaty and there’s much pushback all around the world, with 190+, many asking questions and saying ‘No’ but there’s a real struggle to get these approved, including in the United States – because it’s the United States that’s promoting it.

“And if you read the 1,000+ pages – you have to read, in order to understand both the amendments in the treaty, what it does is it creates an infrastructure that’s global and it works through national offices in each one of the 190+ national members of the WHO and what it does, Greg is that it promotes extraordinary biosurveillance; surveillance down to the community and neighborhood level.

“And then, if there are problems indicated by the biosurveillance, then they can intercede in the neighborhood – aggressively.


“Now, they’re claiming that this doesn’t compromise sovereignty, because it works through national offices – that’s a bunch of hooey. This gives the Globalists the ability to say, ‘Ah, Greg! You have a virus! You have a pathogen in your sceptic tank! We need to lock down your whole area, your whole county and quarantine – and, in fact, you all have to leave!’ And by the time they’re through, guess what’s happened to your businesses and your real estate?

“You know, to me, it looks like the most incredible infrastructure ever created to confiscate real estate. It’s unbelievable!…

“It’s in-your-face total control. When the World Economic Forum says, ‘It’s 2030 and you have no assets,’ to achieve that by 2030, you have to create enormous amounts of legal and regulatory infrastructures that will allow you to intercede and engage in massive overt and covert operations to control – which, of course, starts with surveillance.


“So, that’s what they’e doing and they’re creating multiple infrastructures under the auspices of many different organizations, many of which have certain kinds of sovereign immunities and we saw, after August, when the BRICS met, after the G20 then met, through the auspices in New Delhi, India and the G20 announced Russia, China, India, everybody that they were fully onboard with the Bank for International Settlements framework for global digital IDs and CBDCs – and that’s where we’re talking about total control.

“As bad as the WHO is, it’s nowhere near as bad as complete control of your financial transactions in an all-digital system with digital IDs. That is slavery.”