As reported by CNN, the DOJ has indicted Smartmatic for rigging an election in the Philippines and Patrick Byrne says he’s involved in the background of this case and he says that this indictment means that “They are done.”

He says that all the mainstream media articles are making this story about money-laundering, while overlooking that the money-laundering was payment for the election tampering.

A look at the filing shows that the US is bringing this case because a US bank was used to make money transfers in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and violations of other statutes.


The US doesn’t have the jurisdiction to sue Smartmatic for rigging the 2016 Filipino election. However, the US can sue people using US banks to bribe people to tamper an election in a foreign country.

He continues, “So, now that things are going on, I can tell you…Smartmatic rigged the Filipino election in 2016. This is now in the courts, a grand jury in Florida has indicted Smartmatic, has indicted these clowns and all the press is going to report is the money side of this…

“Smartmatic was started by three guys from Venezuela, who in 1997, started a home automation company called BizSoft or BusinessSoft something and in 2000-2001, Hugo Chavez sent them to go figure out how to computerize and rig an election.


“They moved to Florida, Coral Gables. They started a Delaware corporation called Smartmatic and there was Cartel money in it; Hugo Chavez money in it and they rigged the ’04 Referendum for Hugo Chavez. He put a bunch of money in it and that became their weapon to take over the world; to change the world.

“In 2007, the California Secretary of State organized a commission to look at the Smartmatic equipment. There were eight professors of computer science, from Berkley and Caltech and I think, Stanford – some great California universities – they looked at it and they said, ‘This is total junk’. It violates the most basic precepts of computer cybersecurity – and in fact, they went so far as to suggest that it looks like it may have been designed so it could be manipulated, it’s so porous.

“The TTO of Smartmatic at the time was a guy named Eric Coomer [the executive who was recorded in an Antifa Zoom chat saying that “took care of” preventing Trump’s re-election]. Does that name ring a bell?

“Eric Coomer went on to become the head technologist of Dominion during 2020…I’m just telling you the underlying truth and then, I’m going to explain how they’ve danced around the truth.

“That’s the underlying truth and the European Commission got involved and…the European Union wrote a report, that Smartmatic signed, I think it was three years later, that admitted that Smartmatic software is really owned by a bunch of Venezuelan guys.

“What happened was, Dominion, George Soros – who is Dominion – tried to buy Smartmatic and he was blocked. Actually, a Democratic Congresswoman got it blocked and said, ‘This isn’t appropriate’ and so, Smartmatic – this is like ’07 – bought Sequoia, which is an older manual election company that’s been around 100 years. They’ve had some troubles. They bought it for next to nothing. They put all their intellectual property in it and then, they sold that to Dominion. They sold that company to Dominion – to George Soros’ Dominion. That’s how Dominion got this.”

Patrick explains that the “Smartmatic Election Management System”, later known as the “General Election Management System” is the same operating system in the machines used by Dominion, Hart InterCivic and ES&S.

He continues, “In 2018, Dominion claimed they re-wrote the code. They changed the name of the operating system inside but it’s all Smartmatic. And who was that? That was Eric Coomer.

“So, the same guy who the California professors looked at, on behalf of the Secretary of State of California in ’07 and said, ‘This Smartmatic system is junk. It doesn’t meet the most basic precepts of cybersecurity and may have been designed to be hacked’ – that guy moved to Dominion, through that series of corporate…mergers and acquisitions and divestments and licensing agreements – and that system was used everywhere.

“That system was used to hijack the 2016 Filipino Election and some bribes were paid. And the DOJ has now indicted people. So, that’s the truth. Now, I’m going to show you how the press dances around it; how they work to lie to you. ‘Well,’ they said, ‘Smartmatic, they only ran one county election. These yuk-yuks, like Byrne, they don’t understand, Smartmatic only ran one election in the US: LA County!’

“That’s beside the point. Their operating system is in everybody’s computer, so it’s just a silly thing to say. But little things like that are enough to fool these professors and editors and journalists. They’re so superficial. They’re so superficial.

“What’s the other way they deflect this? They’ll tell you, ‘This is about bribery, it’s not about rigging an election.’ The bribery was to steal the election. And what happened was, there was a big payment from the Philippines to this company in Oklahoma and some of that payment went to Smartmatic and some of it went back to the Filipino politician…

“We have it all. We have it all. This is the beginning of the end…but it’s a quick end. The DOJ and an American grand jury has just indicted Smartmatic…they’ve been lying to us all this time and the DOJ now acknowledges it.

“This is the most important thing, in terms of a breach in the opponent’s defense, this may be the most important thing since November 3rd, 2020, because the Department of Justice and an American grand jury has looked at this and said, ‘Yes, elections are riggable with these machines and Smartmatic did it and that Smartmatic system.”

The question then becomes, “Why did Fox pay?” Because, Patrick says, “Fox is dirty. I think you’re going to see Fox get sold and that great big payment that was made is actually part of stuff going on – you’re going to see Fox sold. I believe…to State Street – same company that bought Dominion! Huh! Wouldn’t it be funny if State Street buys Fox? Would that start making any sense to you? 

“Yeah. It’s all over. It’s all over. We have it all. We have it all. It doesn’t matter if they Epstein these guys or if they don’t…We have everything we need. These guys are done…This is all over but the bleeding…and I acknowledge that I have committed all kinds of international felonies to get to the bottom of Smartmatic…

“DOJ, if you have any brains – and I know there are some good people in the DOJ who are smart – please back off. Please stop taking orders from these knuckleheads. They’ve lost. They’ve lost. We’re going to judge you on how you act now, how you act going forward. 

“Anyone at this point who is still doing the dirty work for these droopy-eyed c*nts, like Merrick Garland – Merrick Garland, you’re a droopy-eyed c*nt! F* you!…Anyone who keeps taking orders from these knuckleheads don’t deserve to call themselves American. 

“The intellectual fight is over. We won. Smartmatic is now understood to be able to rig elections and the Empire is collapsing.”

Patrick then addresses those people currently working in the US Government:

“And I understand – no hard feelings – for the people who didn’t know who to believe until now but anyone in the DOJ or the military who now continues the extra-legal and extra-Constitutional imperatives that they’re being driven on, you’re doing so willingly for people that anyone with a room temperature IQ can now understand are part of hijacking the United States of America. It was all a lie, that you can’t use these machines to hijack an election and the DOJ has just acknowledged it, OK?

“Remember your oaths. You didn’t swear an oath to Merrick Garland or Joe Biden, you didn’t swear an oath to Social Justice theories, you didn’t swear an oath to the Democratic Party. You swore an oath to the Constitution. You made a promise to the American People.

“Anyone who continues – and I’m speaking to the DOJ and the military: Anyone who continues abetting these criminals will be held accountable. I’m the most forgiving guy. I’m the only guy on my side who’s saying, ‘We’re going to go for truth and reconciliation. I know a lot of you got tricked. I know a lot of you got fooled in Government, I know you didn’t know who to believe.’…and so you did some things you’re not going to be proud of…but at least, you can hide behind ‘Well, I didn’t know.’ That’s over. That’s over.

“Given this DOJ indictment of Smartmatic, that excuse is over. And I think from this day forward, you’re going to be held accountable and you ought to think about that. You ought to talk to your General Officers and your Commanders and all the different agencies of government and say you’re not going to go along with what you now understand is a coup against the United States, anymore. You’re not going to take orders that violate your legal duties, that violate your oaths, that tell you to turn your back on your Constitutional Oath to enforce the law and protect us from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

“So, from this day forward, what is today? The 24th? I’d wipe the slate clean for every government employee who’s been a part of this, unwittingly, went along, didn’t know what to believe. From September 24th forward, anyone who continues being part of this is going to be held accountable…This day will go down in history.

“If I were you folks in the higher levels of Silicon Valley or the military or three-letter agencies, I would read the crowd. That side has lost. You’re out of your mind if you continue abetting them, because that side’s lost…I think all of you should be going to your Internal Affairs or your internal psychologist or your legal staff and start filing whatever you’re going to file about how you’ve got complaints, you’ve got misgivings about what you’re being asked to do. You’ve got to flood the system with this stuff.

“And now, I’m speaking to the military and DOJ, in particular and you ought to close them down from within. America will be eternally grateful. I’ll be eternally grateful…

“I’ve been reminded in the last couple of months how, within the Government, there are really good people and I almost cried the other day when I saw those DHS guys standing up to their boss. It was a big crowd and they were just standing up and they were razzing them and making the right arguments and the guy was hapless. Every part of government should be doing that today.

“Every part of the American government, you should be going in and telling your boss that, given these developments, you have misgivings, that you need guidance, that you need legal guidance – flood the zone! Flood your Internal Affairs guys, flood your legal departments, professional responsibility, ask them for advice…We need you, from within to flood the zone up. And if you all do it at once, they can’t fire you all. You can start today, knowing that you’re right.

“And Merrick Garland, if you think this is Sedition, for me to be making requests of people within the DOJ and the military, f*’in charge me! I’m flying back soon. Charge me! I’ll fly to DC. I’ll make it easy. I’ll walk to the door of the DOJ and make it easy. Arrest me, you motherf*er! 

“How do you even look at yourself in the mirror? By the way, Merrick Garland, there are people in your circle that you trust the most who’ve been sending me information, just so you know. And they told me some of the things you said, including the stuff about burying Hillary’s stuff or ending the Hillary tax case, where it could ‘bury you all’? I know these things.

“The people you trust – about ten people around you and there are multiple elements of that ring – who have been sending me information, who got information to me. So just so you know, you can’t win this. So, why don’t you be smart? Why don’t you show a little bit of class and integrity and just start thinking about how you back your way out of this? 

“Back your way out of this…and seriously, I can forgive everything up until this moment and I will do everything I can to make America forgive you but if you continue, if you double down at this point, it’s foolish and it’s stupid, because there’s no way to win. There’s nothing more powerful that the truth. What – are you thinking you can stop this? The DOJ, your own rank and file at the DOJ isn’t following your orders, you dumb f*! 

“But Boy, Merrick Garland, you make me puke, every time I see you. Do you think that you’re not transparent? I used to defend – I mean, I thought it was horrible that you were kept of the Supreme Court, that Republicans – McConnell, actually played this game and kept you off the Supreme Court and I thought, ‘We’re the guys who play by the rules. We don’t do things like that. And it wasn’t fair that they kept you off for 9 months. Now that we’ve seen who you are, you traitorous…!

“So, listen, I’m speaking to the people who report to Merrick Garland and the people who report up to the military: If you continue abetting these people, you are going along, you are abetting a coup. You now can know that the DOJ agrees that Smartmatic can rig elections and that Smartmatic system is in the Hart, Dominion and ES&S. So, it doesn’t matter that it’s a Delaware company. This is the kind of thing journalists say, ‘Well, it’s not a Venezuelan company, it’s a Delaware company!’ It’s a Delaware company started by three Venezuelans who moved to Coral Gables with money from Hugo Chavez…

“People ask me, ‘Are you worried about this Dominion suit?’ Are you kidding me? I can’t wait to get in court with these guys! I can’t wait to get in court! They’re dragging their feet. They don’t want to go in court against me.

“By the way, incidentally, the DOJ prosecutor who built this case is an attorney named Michael Nadler, who built this case against Smartmatic in the Philippines. Now, he got it all ready and handed it off and he got out of the DOJ and he lives in Miami and he’s now on my legal team. Huh! OK?…

“So this is probably the most important moment since we woke up on the morning of November 4th, 2020. This will go down in history, what we’ve all been part of. And just the fact that this happened shows you that I’m telling you the truth that there are absolutely many honest people in the DOJ. There are many honest people in the military and throughout the three-letter agencies…

“It looks pretty overwhelming to me that there are many people within the Government who are fed up. So, don’t hate on the government people. It’s this crust of ‘social justice warriors’ at the top, who have betrayed the Constitution and betrayed the country.

“And what I think they get is they go get put in a hotel in Turtle Bay, Hawaii for about two or three years while we clean everything up and fix it…or else they’re going to be torn limb-from-limb in America and we really want to get through this in a way that a thousand years from now, people will look back and think, ‘This was one of the most remarkable moments in history. Not only did this happen to America, but we jiu-jitsu’d our way out of it and then were peaceful and it’ll be a thousand years from now, they’re going to talk about how we got through this but the last step of that is when they were shown forgiveness and peace and everyone’s going to do the right thing but that starts at this point, with the guys who’ve been behind all of this…

“Patrick Byrne, signing off. Merrick Garland, send me a text. I know you’ve got my number. I’ll come to the DOJ front door, save you everything, just knock me, arrest me, let’s get it on, you motherf*er!”