Oracle Report 9/6/23: The Divine Justice Portal


September is an interesting month energetically, as we are both integrating/preparing, and also being called to complete karmic cycles + master lessons. This month is of completion and preparation for the next cycle, set to begin on 11/11.


This weekend, we will enter the 9/9 Portal Energies, which is bringing a finality, a line in the sand. All year long we have been brought through deep transformation, training, and active healing. We were presented with every loop that we still carried, every core wound untransformed, and every lesson unlearned. The purpose of this was to give us the moments to reflect and see where we were still stuck, replaying the same loops again and again. We were given multiple opportunities to make a different choice, to heal, to transform, and to try again.


This 9/9 Portal is officially drawing the line in the sand for Humanity and for the Dark Forces. The time of trial + error is over, the window of opportunity for transformation has now passed. Much of Humanity (as well as the Dark Forces) have refused to surrender. So many on this planet have continued to walk in denial and ignorance, refusing to master the lessons their soul agreed to learn. Even worse, many have the AWARENESS of truth and what must change within their own personal energy field + in their life, but have refused to take action. The Divine Mother + the Galactics now share that this is no longer tolerated.


From my visions and downloads I am seeing that between the 9/9 Portal + 10/5, we will be in the Divine Justice Portal. To be clear, true divine justice is not punishment, retribution or revenge. True justice is correction, accountability, healing + change. In short, Justice means transformation. Due to the fact that the masses of Humanity + the Dark Forces are actively resisting transformation, and actively refusing it, ignorance can no longer be claimed.


I had a dream the other night about this period of time in which there would be a Collective EGO Death underway. Each individual human soul will be tested and put into circumstances that force them to face what they have been avoiding, letting go of what they have been attached to, to heal what they are in denial of, and to have their illusions shattered in which they refused to acknowledge truth. This will be a tumultuous time period where all karmic energy is speed up to Zero Point, meaning, there is no longer any linear time lag between our internal energy + our external energy. All will be shown to us very clearly where we are out of alignment with Universal Law + Right Action. The “choice” to transform will no longer be dictated by “free will”, which has been used as an excuse for denial and ignorance. Now, all of Planet Earth will be placed under Divine Will.


This Justice Portal will culminate on October 5th, 2023, when Mars, the Divine Masculine Warrior will meet the South Node of Karmic Correction at 25 Degrees Libra; the sign of Justice. This culmination will mark the official beginning of Divine Will on this Planet, and Free Will will no longer exist. This does mean we do not have individual choices, dreams, guidances, etc., it simply means that unless those choices/dreams/decisions align with Universal Law, there will be immediate karmic correction. This is training that Humanity must undergo, as they are so deeply out of alignment with Source. Like children, they must learn Right Action versus Wrong Action, since they have chosen to forgo this learning up until this point.


The following are excerpts from the Book 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny by Ellias Lonsdale on 25-26 Degrees Libra:


“Infused with the forces of Earth. These forces command the soul to tune in to them, to merge with them, to become their representative, their ensouling spokesperson to bring Earth’s voice alive in the midst of the human circle. How can we imagine that we small creatures on the surface of this planet are truly at the center of an infinite design that depends on for its implementation? Perhaps we can hide a while longer in the game that Spirit in nature is great, and we are as nothing. Sometimes it’s most arrogant and egoistic to play at being nothing. Sometimes the only path that leads anywhere keys in on claiming a certain power and magnitude that will test the soul endlessly.


In the case of those who can sustain a wild edge, a shamanic plunge into the depths, this portal becomes completely open to subtle faculties and the restoring of what has been lost. A trance of getting deep in there brings with it a longing to unite more and more deeply, to investigate more and more profoundly what is very far from conscious reality. It’s even possible along this frequency to be so lucid in observing what it is that lets us be free in the world that every bit of conditioning falls away and the only left is to follow a live-wire instinct for what this Earth needs us to learn, foster, and spread.”


This Divine Justice Portal is for Humanity’s highest healing + evolution, as Mother Earth has declared “enough is enough” and she is beginning her resurrection back into her divine state. With both Jupiter + Uranus currently retrograde in Taurus, the ruler of Mother Earth, we can anticipate there being deep karmic consequences for those that have abused Mother Earth, her resources, and disrespected the Divine Feminine.


This will lead us up to the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra, which will be occurring at 21 Degrees, setting a new timeline of the true energies of Balance + Justice which the Libra archetype represents. Balance, harmony and justice will be the focus of 2024, along with the transition into New Earth, which we will see the beginning of in December of 2023.


For all First Wavers who have been doing their inner work, healing, transformation, service + honoring of Mother Earth and Source, this period will bring divine blessings. Your times of trial and struggle will shortly come to an end and you will reap the rewards of your love and service to Creation. Thank you to all who have been doing the heavy lifting for this Ascension Process, standing up for Love. Mother Earth and all of Creation are in absolute gratitude to you, and so am I.