One plant fits all – 19 benefits of stinging nettle

When I need a body ‘pick me up’ or something seems to be out of balance in my body, I make a nettle infusion (see recipe below). It is energizing, restores key body systems and is safe and effective.  Stinging Nettle is not a drug, but a plant such as spinach. It grows wild, but one of the easiest ways to obtain it is already harvested, dried and sifted.  Choose a certified organic source, I get mine from Mountain Rose Herbs or Amazon.

Our beautiful Earth, also affectionately know as Gaia, exists to serve. She opens her arms with wisdom and beauty as the truest expression of generosity, expecting nothing in return, yet always yielding more to those that know how to partake. 

One such way of “knowing” is to look to the humble, the wild, and abundant green plants. These are the ones that don’t grow in near rows, they are often overlooked and plentiful.  They most often are spread by the walking of humans or through the wind, the breath of life.  Many are powerful allies, offering dense nutrition to help humans be in balance. Others have protection barriers and offer their services not to humans but aid in other ways. Their toxic qualities to humans are blessings to other forms of life and keep the plant strong and animals such as deer away.  In our modern world, many stopped using these powerful allies and began using substances from the chemist.   We were trained to see beauty and benefit in the cultivated rather than the wild.   Oh that we have the mind, the heart to explore and appreciate the wild green life that exists to serve us. 

One such plant is Stinging Nettle, Urtica diotica

Stinging Nettle is a very smart plant that supports the lungs, kidneys, adrenals, intestines, arteries, skin and your brain.  It has documented effects with prostate cancer, rheumatic pain, reduction in blood sugar levels, and urinary tract issues to name a few.   It is extremely anti-inflammatory and thus gives aid to chronic illnesses and heals damaged tissues.  

Make this Easy Infusion to Drink Daily

Recipe for Dried Nettle leaf infusion (Tea):

1 oz. dried nettle (organic)

1 qt. water, spring or filtered

1 qt. jar with a lid

Boil the water.Put the dried herb into the quart jar and then fill with the boiling water.Stir with awooden spoon and add water until the jar is full to the top.Place the lid on tightly and set aside to brew at least four hours or overnight.

Strain and squeeze the liquid out of the nettle.You can drink it right away.Store any remaining in the fridge right away and consume within two days.

It is delicious over ice, with honey or tamari sauce.Experiment to suit your pallet.

Benefits Of Stinging Nettle

(Full article and sources from The Grow Network)

  1. Increase Your Energy Levels: Nettles are used as a traditional spring tonic to strengthen and support the entire body. Their high nutritional value makes them ideal for anyone suffering from exhaustion, poor nutrition, or just general dis-ease. They’re a great choice for pregnant women (see cautions below) and those recovering from injury or illness.1) The seeds are adaptogens, helping us to respond to stress and strengthening the adrenals.2)
  2. Detoxify Your Body: This general detoxifier has positive benefits for the entire body, and is often used specifically as a blood purifier.3) Be sure to drink plenty of water to counter its diuretic nature.
  3. Treat Eczema: Nettles are useful for all varieties of eczema, but especially childhood eczema and nervous eczema.4)
  4. Stop Bleeding: When taken internally, the astringent properties of nettle can help to relieve hemorrhage symptoms throughout the body.5) Topical application is also effective.6) 7)
  5. Strengthen Bones and Connective Tissue: Nettles contain high levels of calcium, silica, and other minerals to strengthen the bones and connective tissues.8)
  6. Manage Blood Sugar: Nettles possess both hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic constituents. In animal studies, nettles have been shown to lower blood sugar in hyperglycemic rabbits.9) Human studies have shown decreased inflammation markers and improved levels of fasting glucose, 2-hour postprandial glucose, and HbA1C.10)
  7. Promote Urinary System Health: The diuretic effect of nettles helps it to flush out urinary tract infections and stones.11) 12)
  8. Relieve Musculoskeletal Pain: Nettle’s anti-inflammatory and counterirritant properties can be beneficial for arthritis pain by either drinking infusions of the plant or allowing the plant to sting the affected area.13) Topical application of the stinging leaf can also help with myalgia and non-arthritic inflammation, pain, and stiffness.14) A single application may be enough to relieve symptoms for 4-8 days.15)
  9. Promote Prostate Health: Nettle root and seeds may be useful in presentment and treatment of benign prostate enlargement.16) 17) One study found that nettle root may have a beneficial effect on prostate cancers, as well.18)
  10. Gently Relieve Diarrhea/Constipation: The astringency of nettles makes them useful in the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery.19) However, they also have a mild laxative effect in cases of constipation.20)
  11. Prevent and Reverse Anemia: Nettles are an excellent source of bioavailable iron, making them excellent for those suffering from iron deficiency.
  12. Encourage Kidney Health: Nettle seeds are powerful kidney supporters and restorers.21) They have a protective effect if used during chemotherapy.22)
  13. Relieve Allergies: Nettles have the ability to reduce the allergen response of the body and help reduce excess mucous production in the nose.23) 24)
  14. Promote Lung Health: Related to its allergen-reducing attributes, nettles have been used as a folk treatment for any mucous membranes that are out of balance, including those in the respiratory system. Nettles act as a counterirritant, stimulating correct mucosal function in the digestive system (if ingested), which produces a sympathetic response in mucous membranes throughout the rest of the body. This can help to relieve the effects of asthma and bronchitis.25) Consuming nettles as food, as an infusion, or even breathing the steam off of cooking nettles can help the body to recover.26)
  15. Address Female Issues: Nettles are frequently used for menstrual issues, fertility problems, in PMS formulas, and for menopausal issues. They may also help to stimulate milk production.27) 28) 29)
  16. Promote Hair Health: Nettle juice can be used as a nutrient-rich final rinse, after washing your hair. This juice has traditionally been ascribed with the ability to stimulate hair growth.30) You can also use nettle-infused vinegar for this purpose.31) Taken internally, nettle juice nourishes and strengthens hair and nails from the inside out.32)
  17. Shrink Hemorrhoids: Nettle juice can also be used as a spray or as a sitz bath to help relieve hemorrhoids.33) 34)
  18. Promote Heart Health: Nettle’s high potassium content helps it moderate high blood pressure and lower the chance of stroke.35)
  19. Restore Digestive Health: Fresh nettle juice and greens help to tone the mucosa of the digestive system, and have been linked to anticancer activity.36) 37)

I suggest Stinging Nettle as it has worked well for me.  This is not to be used in place of remedies suggested by your doctor.  Stinging Nettle is a nutritional supplement, it is a plant growing from our beautiful Earth.  A drink for your health!  Be well and happy my friends, Julia.