Multipolar Reality: WIth Matthew Ehret. The Birth Of a New Hope For Humanity

In this episode of The Multipolar Reality on Rogue News, V and I talk about the revival of occult doctrines that shaped ancient oligarchic control systems that poisoned the ancient world of Greece, Persia and Rome under the guise of the Eleusian mysteries and cults of Gaia/Cybelle, Mithra, Apollo and Dionysius.

The revival of these synthetic drug cults has taken a new form in the post-MK Ultra age of LSD-25, psylocibines and the digital cave that is social media and VR, but contain all of the same underlying control mechanisms and practices with variants for the plebs and for the managerial elite.

We also discuss Anglo-Venetian divide to conquer tactics and epistemological warfare, color revolutions and Jesuit manipulation of humanity, both past and present.

This study of the disease killing humanity is contrasted with an overview of the healthy epistemological traditions of natural law as they have been expressed throughout western and eastern cultural matrices.