Making Vitamin C At Home is Super Easy & Won’t Cost You Anything.

Making Vitamin C At Home is Super Easy & Won’t Cost You Anything.

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Okay here’s how: Take organic orange or lemon peels and cut them into strips. Allow the peels to dry at room temperature for a couple of days until crisp. Once dried, grind the lemon strips in any grinder. ( I use a coffee grinder) Take one teaspoon daily (I add it into my daily smoothies) Be sure to store in an airtight container.

The best vitamin C is the vitamin C that comes as food. It’s not about how many milligrams of vitamin C you take, it’s how much vitamin C your body assimilates.

Citrus peels are very high in vitamin C; 100 g of citrus-peel provides around 130 mg of vitamin C. The fruit of an orange provides just 71 mg per 100 g of fruit. Citrus peels also benefit due to enzymes, phytonutrients, and important nutrition we don’t even know about yet. One teaspoon of powdered lemon peels will provide you with more Vitamin C than your body needs.

Ever wonder why your pee turns bright yellow when you take a high-dose of store-bought Vitamin C? That’s because your body can’t absorb it all, so it flushes it out of the system. The same can be true with naturally bio-available Vitamin C, but it absorbs much more before it reaches its level of saturation.

And by drying the peels out, you get the convenience of a powder that remains shelf stable for several months.