Liz Gunn – Letter to the REAL Jacinda Ardern

Former Kiwi television news presenter, Liz Gunn delivers an emotional and powerful rebuke of the most despicable tyrant in New Zealand history, speaking directly to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who stepped down just over one month ago.

Hearing this spoken personally by a New Zealander, addressing her assailant in the first person, I was shocked to find myself reduced to tears. I’ve been so angry for so long, I haven’t been able to feel this very real grief and sadness that I have for all of us who are going through this. It really caught me off guard but I think it was necessary to stop being angry for a moment and to experience the emotional aspect of what has happened – and is still happening.

This disgusting Globalist attack has been awful in varying degrees for absolutely everybody, regardless of whether we are “woke”or “awake”.


Hopefully, we can all see our common ground as victims of our governments gone wild and we can come together to put these tyrants out of business.