Krystal Spiral Timewave Separation: Know the Geometry, Know Thyself – Be Open to Knew Perspectives

In this video I take look at the Krystal Spiral of the Kathara Grid and Keylontic Science. I have done other videos on the Krystal Spiral and related topics in the past, and this is the first in a while. This video is coinciding with the time wave spiral separation predicted for Nov 2023, 8-9. Where it is said Fibonacci and Krystal spiral will cross and then diverge. I felt moved the prior week to look at these spiral relationships from the perspective of drawing and contemplating sacred geometry. In my study of revisiting the Krystal spiral I discovered there are a few anomalies that are inconsistent with it’s claims. The first is that it is a 1 : 2 ratio spiral, yet it seems to progress at 1 : √2. The second is that the origin of the spiral has no geometric center in the diagram. It only appears to in smaller and smaller nested squares. This led me to further comparisons of the Fibonacci spiral, which also has an issue of having multiple spiral centers from a ever moving target that never defines itself. The golden ratio spiral, along with other metallic mean spirals and square root ratio spirals all have defined centers and grow with 90˚ turns, which seems to be consistent among spirals except for the Krystal spiral has 135˚ turns. These explorations of the the inconsitencies this set me on a path to discover the simplicity of a 1 :2 ratio spiral is not the Krystal spiral, yet has a geometric center and displays the doubling sequence beautifully, at the same time it also shows a crossing and separation point with the Fibonacci and golden spirals. I pose a lot of alternative perspectives in this video, based on geometric evidence, so please have an open mind. In Service to Truth, Peace and Love, George