Kerry Cassidy January 20, 2021

It is difficult to watch our fellow Americans celebrate our country’s sacrificial offering on the Globalists’ pyre.

Kerry Cassidy is here with a perspective on how this latest inauguration insult is just another battle in a long war that has been waged since the late 1700s and especially since the JFK Assassination, an act which cemented the Satanic plan for a New World Order.

She explains, “It’s not so important that we know the details. It is enough to know that this is an ongoing war, that you’re fighting for freedom, for human freedom all around the world…it’s just one of the innings.

“And basically, the elections have been stolen all the way through. You have not elected your leaders. And that’s the reality behind the scenes.

“Now, what happened with Trump in 2016 is Hillary was doing the normal hack of the election, her and her team and then the White Hats, a certain portion of the military, led by the Navy, from what I understand, went in and stole it back. So, that’s what happened, then.

“In this situation, from what I understand with Trump and his team, they wanted to expose that. They wanted to expose the stolen elections, the process and how it was being stolen, for you to see. And so, they let it happen this time. They watched it, they monitored it, they recorded it and basically, they have all the evidence to prove it.

“They proved that the Chinese Communists were behind the scenes, funding the operation, that it had the help of various countries; Iran, Germany, Italy and so on – certainly, the Dark Magicians in the UK.

“This Cabal, this Satanic, Luciferian alliance has always been orchestrating events in our country and that goes back to the CIA and their links to the Vatican, to the alien race that runs the CIA from behind the scenes. And all of this is going to come out eventually.”