Mark Sexton, a retired police constable, has been calling for official police investigations into multiple crimes against humanity for many, many months.


Philip Hyland and Mark Sexton have filed a claim that is explained in the video and is detailed and made available below.   The video below provides a wealth of important information.








The details of the reported crimes are summarized below:


a. Scientists in the UK being complicit in and or assisting with the creation of a gain of function spike protein in Wuhan, China (the creation of such a spike protein breaches International Conventions on bioweapons). [CB 447 – 651]

b. A grossly negligent failure by government to evidence that a virus has been purified and isolated. [CB 677 – 678]

c. The grossly negligent authorisation and use of PCR [Polymerase Chain Reaction] and LFT [Lateral Flow Tests] as a method to identify whether an individual has a live SARS CoV2 infection. [CB 658]

d. The requirement to take LFT and or PCR tests without clinical diagnosis to access goods and services in breach of the fundamental human right to decline a medical intervention without penalty.

e. The grossly negligent presentation of data which had the effect of inflating the material risk posed by SARS CoV2. [CB]

f. The grossly negligent and unprecedented use of non-pharmaceutical interventions such as lockdowns which had little or no benefit but caused harm, loss, suffering and death.

g. The grossly negligent and or corrupt suppression of safe and effective therapeutics such as Ivermectin and HCQ and Zinc. Safe and effective alternatives were suppressed in order to maintain the declared emergency status as well as pave the way for emergency use authorised SARS CoV2 injections. [CB 712 – 732]

h. The misuse of clinical pathways such as Remdesivir and Midazolam. [CB 680 – 694]

i. The misuse and abuse of government communications, nudging and psychology which had the reasonably foreseeable impact of causing psychiatric harm and division within England and Wales. [CB 889 – 896]

j. Abuse of statutory powers by the GMC to silence Doctors who spoke out against the harms being caused and the risks posed to patients. [875 – 888 ]

k. The negligent authorisation and roll out of the SARS CoV2 injections where the regulator has failed to act on known and realised risks and taken no or inadequate steps to suspend authorisation to investigate those risks. [CB 831 – 866]

l. That the conflicts of interest of those making decisions suggested corruption at worst and undue influence at best.

m. That the Guidance on the SARS CoV2 injections issued by the Department of Health and Social Care unlawfully breached the fundamental human right of every citizen resident in England and Wales. The breach was the unlawful fettering of each citizen’s right to decline treatment without penalty. The Guidance inverted the human rights of citizens by requiring a citizen to request an exemption from having an injection. An exemption was very difficult to obtain. The position in law is that the clinician has to ask the citizen for consent for a medical intervention. Exemption from all medical interventions is the default position. The Guidance therefore exerted unlawful third party influence on citizens to have an injection that many citizens did not want or need. Many care home and NHS workers had the injection to keep a job. This pressure and unlawful undue influence caused psychiatric injury, harm and or economic losses. [CB 906-913 ]

The Claimants seek the following relief:

  • An order requiring the Defendant to investigate the Claimants’ complaint forthwith

  • Alternatively, a Declaration that the Defendant acted unlawfully in refusing to investigate the Claimants’ complaint

  • Further or other relief

  • Costs.