Journalist’s coverage of Pedophilia within English Parliament believed to Trigger Attack of UK’s Largest Free Speech Platform, BrandNewTube

This week, Britain’s largest free speech video platform, (BNT) was attacked and shutdown by hackers believed to be linked to the English government, according to BNT.


The platform does not censor and independent journalists have been posting videos showing the infiltration of pedophilia and corruption in British parliament. BNT, as stated below, believe this exposure has led to them being a target of attack. It is difficult to prove this was the reason, but other platforms have clearly censored these same topics for years.

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and UK’s largest video platform, DailyMotion, are notorious for censoring coverage of pedophilia and government corruption linked to human sex trafficking. Unfortunately, censorship combined with authorities lack of prosecution for decades, has led our world to the state it is in today; a place where human trafficking is the largest black market in the world.

We can all help make our world better by supporting platforms like BNT that do not censor important stories covering heinous crimes by government and other powerful entities. It’s not difficult to switch from Youtube or DailyMotion to,, or other freedom oriented platforms. This one action, if enacted by millions, will undoubtably change the world. Knowledge really is power.


Here is the message sent today from BNT to update their users:

As you may be aware the platform has been under attack for the last few days due to hackers. This is the first real opportunity we are getting to safely email all our users.

Please change your passwords for your BNT account as soon as you are able to access the platform.

Also, please never use your usual passwords or email addresses if at all possible.

Always create a specific email address and password for your BNT account that does not match your usual data.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and are doing all we can to get the platform back up safely.

Hacks happen all over the World to all types of companies, mutli-million pound companies get hacked and their data sold on.

In this case the data stolen (email addresses and BNT channel passwords) from BNT appears not to have been sold on but rather put on a forum for all to see for free.

We also note that the hackers sent emails from initially but when we blocked this they resorted to hacking someone elses platform and using their email address.

For this reason it is extra important to take the steps we advise regarding emails and passwords.

The fact the hackers placed a lot of emphasis on spreading lies and exaggerations about the CEO of BNT and Journalist Sonia Poulton gives an insight to the mentality of these people.

It is clear what the hackers intentions are, to stop BNT from continuing to do what it has done for two years, allow alternative voices to challenge various narratives.

PS. The hackers are not your friends please take that into account when they spread their lies and pretend they are anything but rogue degenerates

Kind Regards, Team BNT


Journalist Sonia Poulton is mentioned in the message. She believes the hack has something to do with her coverage of pedophilia in the British parliament.


Brand New Tube is in no doubt that the sustained attack on the platform is about me. The hacker expressed great interest in me. It was done on my birthday & they hacked our breakfast show to demonstrate this. I’ve been targeted by predators for over a decade. This is another one.”

– Sonia Poulton (@SoniaPoulton) August 16, 2022


When you search for Sonia Poulton you will see this:

Journalist and Broadcaster Sonia Poulton explores the history of paedophile allegations in British Politics:

Ironically this video was found on Youtube. But you won’t find it on DailyMotion, Britain’s largest video platform. Just like you will not find much about the U.S. government’s problem with pedophilia on Youtube.