Is there a Light in this Darkness?

Ari Kopel is interviewed by Debra Jayne East of Beacon Podcast. Both talk about various topics that are happening in the world. These are topics that are important to address because by addressing them, we shed light onto them and then we can tackle them! Humanity is in this together and, together, we can overcome the evil that we see metastazied on the planet. Yes, there is hope. We are that hope! From Beacon podcast: My guest tonight is a powerful voice for truth and action. The time is now to help humanity and planet earth! Ari Kopel is a graduate of the University of Miami with a major in psychology and a minor in communications. Ari is the author of the International Bestselling book Spiritual Warfare and the Art of Deception: The Hijacking of Spirituality and Getting Back to Source: Tools for Connection, Protection & Empowerment. Her books on Amazon: We’re in a Matrix. This Matrix has been engineered by dark forces that feed us disinformation to keep us in the dark so that they can use us as “energetic food”. How do they do this? Why have we fallen for this? How do we stop it and shatter the Matrix? Watch the videos that are broadcasts from and, interviews with other experts that disclose information that will open up your eyes and give you the tools you need to break out of this prison! #thebeaconpodcast #spiritualwarfare