The original name for the country now known as Ireland was Éire – which means Love. The name Ire-land is an English word which means ‘anger’ (ire) land – anger land.


The name Anger-land (Ire-land) was given to the country by the cabal, after they had successfully infiltrated the social infrastructure and had overturned the will of the people of Éire with religion. This was accomplished through collusion between the Vatican and Queen Victoria of England after multiple failed attempts to take the country by force.


After several invasion attempts were thwarted by the people of Éire, the cabal hired a mercenary from Wales who later became known as Saint Patrick, to use psychological warfare tactics in order to invade by stealth and to divide and to conquer. The title of ‘saint’ is bestowed upon individuals by the Vatican cabal control centre, much in the same way as titles such as ‘Sir’ and ‘Dame’ are given to individuals through ‘knighthoods’ (M.B.E. & O.B.E.) by the Queen of England. Sometimes these are good people, sometimes they are not so good – but what they all have in common is that they are rewarded with titles from these cabal institutions for ‘services’ rendered.


Those of us who are aware of the cabal and their tactics are by now fully conscious as to how they like to play both ‘sides’ against each other, whilst controlling everything from the shadows in the background, and presenting their lies to the people as truths.


For example, in the case of ‘Saint’ Patrick, most people around the world believe that this man was a great servant of God who drove the snakes out of Ireland and helped set the people free. The truth, in fact, is that there were never any actual snakes in the country and that the ‘snakes’ being referred to here, are the wise women and men of Ancient Éire, (the snake is an ancient symbol of knowledge) who were a peaceful, loving, unified people that shared ancient knowledge and wisdom with others, including the secrets of the Universe and the Creator.


The women were treated equal to the men, in keeping with the Universal Law of Balance, and the children were educated in many different subjects including the natural laws of the sciences and natural medicinal care. Everyone was taught how to read, write, spell and calculate and everyone was aware of the importance of the procession of the Equinoxes, the Solstices and the movements of the Planets – and how everything was connected – that All is One with the Creator.


Some of the oldest natural energetic centers and inter-dimensional portals in the world existed in Éire, and indeed, still do to this day – such as the Hill of Tara and the site at Newgrange which pre-dates the Great Pyramids of Egypt.


During the times of the Vatican sponsored satanic slaughter known as the crusades, which spread throughout what is now known as modern-day Europe, large numbers of the innocent people who fled, did so in a westerly direction – the furthest point west was Éire (Ireland). Beyond that point lay the Atlantic Ocean, the former location of the once mighty Atlantis civilisation, some of whose inhabitants were believed to have fled from the north-east of Atlantis to Éire, thousands of years before the crusades took place.


In 2005, a book titled ‘IRELAND – LAND OF THE PHARAOHS The Quest for Our Atlantean Legacy’ was published, which was written by a former Freemason, Andrew Power. This book was quickly recalled from bookstores around the globe and the copies were destroyed. However, it still managed to survive in other formats.


The book explores some of the hidden history of Ireland and questions the ‘official’ (cabal) version of events, by examining the evidence present in Ireland to this very day, of the influence of certain secret societies, the British Monarchy, the Vatican, the Rothschild Banking Dynasty & the City of London. Ancient structures, sites and landmarks are examined and linked with the movement of the planets and the natural cycles of life on Earth such as the Procession of the Equinoxes and the Solstices. It is a most interesting read.


The book is available today through some online retailers, but for anyone who cannot afford to purchase a copy, I have attached a PDF format version for free download.


The control and oppression of the people of Éire (Ireland) continues to this very day and alongside the Native American Indian people, these two races are considered by many, to have once been the two most spiritually aware and closest connected peoples to the Creator.


Is this the reason why both races of these people have been the victims of mass scale pedophilia, massive satanic child sacrifice rituals and repeated oppression by their governments throughout history?


Indeed, at one point in history, children were actually exported from Ireland by the British Crown for slaughter in satanic child sacrifice rituals in North America – because there were no native children left there. These shipments also included children from England, Scotland and Wales.




When the shocking news of the Catholic Church’s involvement in pedophilia went public in Ireland in the 1990s, the Irish Government was immediately summoned (within one hour) to a private meeting with the hierarchy of the Irish Catholic Church at their headquarters in Maynooth Co. Kildare.


After this meeting ended, the Irish Government made a statement, that both they and the Irish Catholic Church had come to an agreement on financial compensation settlements for the victims of these horrendous crimes against children – and that they had set a limit on the amounts of money to be paid.


In true cabal style, there were a number of ‘terms and conditions’ attached, such as the victims had to appear in open public court cases. This was deliberately done to embarrass and further denigrate the victims, who would have to have their personal identities revealed to the public and therefore it acted as a deterrent to people who wished for the truth to be told.


The financial agreement which had been made between the Irish Government and the Irish Catholic Church, stipulated that both parties would provide £100 million/€127 million (€254 million in total) to facilitate compensation payments. To date, whilst the Irish Government has made numerous payments to victims (out of the peoples taxes) the Irish Catholic Church has not made one single payment.


Judy Byington reported in August of this year, how the Pope was being tried alongside others at the World Criminal Court for involvement in the sacrifice and murder of children at satanic rituals – in his absence. Is it a coincidence that when these criminal trials were taking place that the Pope was visiting Ireland on the first official papal visit since 1979?


The title of this papal visit was the ‘World Meeting of Families’. As Benjamin Fulford and others reported at the time, this was actually a secret meeting between the 13 dark nobility families of the cabal, who were trying to come to an agreement on how best to start World War III. Thankfully it was unsuccessful.


Judy Byington also reported earlier this year on how there was an ongoing cover-up of the mass of babies graves found at an institution owned by the Irish Catholic Church, in County Galway. When this discovery was first made public a number of years ago, the Irish Government immediately deployed a ‘special investigation team’ to the site. Their job was to cover things up and hide from the public, the fact that the initial number of the 800 babies bodies discovered, had in fact been substantially larger and that there had also been found, an underground satanic sacrifice ritual chamber, which was believed to have been 2000 – 2500 years old and was also believed to have been in use up until the 1990s.


Two of the original police force personnel who were first on the scene, were said to have had to go on-the-run in fear for their lives, as there was an arrest warrant issued on them for extradition to the United Kingdom for trial at the Queens Court.


The Irish Daily Mail newspaper began to report on this story again a couple of years ago and began asking questions as to why the initial investigation had seemingly disappeared. Within days of their article being published, the cabal swung into action-distraction mode again, and deliberately crashed an Irish Search and Rescue helicopter off the west coast of Ireland to divert public attention. It has since been discovered that the distress call the helicopter was responding to, was a fake-signal sent from an English owned vessel situated off the south coast, and thus the four helicopter personnel were deliberately directed into a cliff-face and murdered.


The usual ‘national day of mourning’ tactic was employed and as the story ran for weeks, the topic of the mass of baby graves was removed from the collective psyche of the Irish people.


The majority of Irish people have absolutely no idea of the existence of false flag news events such as these, or any inclination that there is a world outside of the cabal controlled fake news narrative, much less that there are such things as the RV/GCR or GESARA.


The reason for this is that Ireland is a small country and therefore easy to control.


It is the only country in Europe where the poison fluoride is still used in the national water system. Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland at the Brow/Third Eye Chakra, which prevents people from awakening and being able to connect with the benevolent, loving energies of the Creator and to also see beyond the cabal controlled illusion of life.


Under Irish ‘Law’ it is mandatory for people to have their children vaccinated with cabal produced poisons, which former C.I.A. operative and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee for 2017, Robert David Steele, has recently exposed as never having been tested for proof of their efficacy. Any failure by an Irish parent to agree to these vaccinations can result in their children being seized from them by the State – and placed into ‘institutions of care’. These same institutions of care have been repeatedly exposed for horrific crimes against children such as verbal, mental, physical and sexual abuse.


Ireland has the highest rate of autism in Europe.


Of course, every country and their peoples (especially the children) have been controlled by the cabal in this manner for a very long time, but it has been previously stated that when each country was secretly subjected to dark satanic rituals which cast an invisible shield of energy to block the natural flow of energy around our planet which connects us all (something Anna Von Reitz recently referred to), that one or two layers of this negative energy are usually created during the black-magic spell casting – but that in the case of Éire there were 16 layers of this dark energy created.


Why would this only be done to Ireland? 16 layers seems excessive in the extreme, does it not? It certainly would suggest that there is something truly significant about this little island, wouldn’t it?


Over the decades, countless world ‘leaders’ and numerous American Presidents (J.F.K., Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama) have all visited this small island – both overtly and covertly: so given what we know about the cabal, it is reasonable to assume that these visits have a far deeper purpose than what the ‘official’ narrative may sometimes suggest.


In the last few years alone (in some instances within the last 12 months), the Queen of England, Prince Charles and his wife, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Angela Merkel, John Brennan of the C.I.A. and Mike Pence have all visited Ireland. The Queen of England & Barrack Obama were both in the country within a week of each other a few years ago, which has NEVER happened before.


President John F. Kennedy was of Irish descent and was the man originally chosen to implement the prosperity and abundance changes which we now know as NESARA/GESARA, by ending the FED and the cabal control of the financial system. Coincidence?


At a meeting of European heads of State in Brussels a number of years ago, the Ascended Master Comte de St. Germain, literally materialized out of thin air in front of the gathered assembly and spoke to them about the Divine Plan for Earth and all of humanity.


The Irish leader at the time, the Taoiseach (pronounced tee-shock), Enda Kenny, who is the equivalent of the British Prime Minister, was filmed live on television that same evening being rushed out of the building after the meeting and not being allowed to talk to the masses of reporters waiting outside. He was literally ‘as white as a sheet’ and clearly in shock. He looked like a man who had just seen a ghost.


A couple of days later he had a secret meeting with Bill Clinton and some of his cronies in West Cork in Ireland. After this meeting, the Irish ‘leader’ made a statement, which was used by the cabal as their headline in several Irish newspapers; it read…. ‘NOBODY TELLS ME WHAT TO DO’.


To the average Irish person this would simply be interpreted as their leader insinuating that he was in full control of the country and that he made all the big decisions, but to any awakened people it was clearly recognized for what it was – a message from the cabal, through Mr. Kenny, to Master St. Germain, informing him that there would be no compliance with the Divine Plan of the Creator.


It is interesting to note that when the Clinton Foundation stole millions of dollars donated to them for the people of Haiti, after the cabal used their weather manipulation devices to create carnage and destroy that country, that they were facilitated in this theft by an Irish businessman, Mr. Dennis O’Brien. This man has appeared in court in Ireland several times on charges of corruption (among other things) but has always walked free.


Mr. O’Brien is a billionaire businessman involved in the telecommunications industry and it was he who supplied the mechanism for the Clinton’s theft by setting up the telecommunications network for the charitable donations. This was exposed in a video of a conversation between the former President of Haiti and Donald Trump, which was referenced by Benjamin Fulford in the last year or two, as he was reporting on how money was being offered by way of bribery, which was smuggled into the country in cornflakes boxes.


The current European headquarters for Google, Apple, Intel, Dell and Amazon are located in Ireland. Two of the worlds leading weapons manufacturers are also located in Ireland. In some instances, some of these companies which generate billions of euro & dollars in revenue, pay no taxes – while the people of Ireland are being crippled with illegal taxes and extortionate ‘goods and services’ charges – for example, the Irish people pay the highest rates in the whole of Europe for mobile phone/telecommunications contracts.


Some other interesting things I have learned about Ireland is that some very well known people who have contributed to the awakening process for people with eyes to see and ears to hear with regard to other worlds and our benevolent star brothers and sisters (Galactics) have spent some time living in Ireland.


For instance, J.R.R.Tolkien of Lord of the Rings fame once lived near Connemara on the west coast of Ireland for a decade and a half (14/17years). He is said to have received his inspiration for Middle Earth from the landscape there. It has also been suggested that his depiction of the elves, their appearance, culture and habitat, has been the most accurate description ever documented. Thousands of years ago the whole island of Ireland was said to have been covered with trees and that it was possible to travel from north to south without ever having to set foot on the ground. Is there a connection with Sirius or inner earth there somewhere?


Also, Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, used to live in Wicklow in Ireland – an area known as the ‘Garden of Ireland’. It was here where he once claimed to have been visited by benevolent Galactic beings that inspired him to write Star Trek.


Much of this information has been removed from the internet in recent years, but there are some elderly people who live in the area who claim that this was once ‘common knowledge’.


There is an ancient monastic settlement near to where Mr. Roddenberry once lived, nestled in a valley by a huge lake, called Glendalough, which has a very mystical air and presence around it and it is rumored that there is a secret ‘space base’ in the Wicklow Mountains. Could this be a SSP (Secret Space Program) base? Could it be a benevolent Galactic base or an entrance to inner earth? There are rumors of a great many more of these secret hidden bases located all over Ireland. Is it an energy portal of some sort?


Several intel reports published on IDC last year, repeatedly made reference to Ireland, and how the cabal had made several attempts to open up portals to other dimensions in order to allow negative extra-terrestrial entities access to Earth via Ireland, to prevent the liberation of humanity by destroying the human race and Mother Earth herself.


At present, Ireland is experiencing the heaviest dosage of chemtrails it has had for a very long time – possibly ever. In most parts of the country, the blue of the sky has been completely blocked out for weeks now. The spraying continues day and night and the air is icy cold, causing a lot of ‘flu-like’ symptoms which inevitably results in people visiting their doctors and pharmacies more, and overloading their bodies with cabal ‘medicines’ which further inhibit their ability to awaken.


This, combined with the lack of Sunlight, increases their inability to connect with the Creator and the life-giving, life-sustaining energies of the Sun itself. The darkness leads to depression which also adds to the onslaught and prevents the people from being able to concern themselves with anything other than their own well-being and the cabal controlled rhetoric of fake-news.


Today, January 3rd for example, some of the ‘top stories’ being broadcast via the fake news narrative include – 1. Ireland is preparing a ‘No Brexit’ action plan. 2. The U.S. Democrats are assuming control of the Congress. 3. China has become the first country to successfully land a probe on the dark side of the moon.


While I am not in any way suggesting that the people of Ireland are any more important than the people of any other country, there are people who are far more knowledgeable than myself, who believe that if the Irish people were awakened to the truth which so many of us who use the wonderful services which Patrick provides are aware of, that the RV/GCR, GESARA and all of the other great things which have been promised to us would happen within DAYS. Yes……within DAYS!!!


So perhaps it is worth considering forwarding this post, or a link to this post, or a link to any of the websites which have provided the information within this post, to any person you know who is Irish or of Irish descent. What have we got to lose?


I’m sure we can all agree that the waiting games, distractions and delays have gone on for far too long, and after all, this is supposed to be about ‘we the people’ unifying, helping each other out and bringing about the much needed changes which we all agree are necessary for ALL of humanity at this time.


We don’t need ‘leaders’ when we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Let’s connect with the wider world of our unawakened brothers and sisters from every country and share the knowledge, share the truth and above all else, share the LOVE.

Almost all of the information contained in this post is freely available online. Websites containing videos, documents and articles related to this information can be accessed through people such as Michael Tsarion, Montague Keane and Fr. Kevin Arnett form the ITCCS (International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State) among others.

In recent years some of the information referred to in this post has been removed from the internet, public libraries and bookstores. As always, it is up to the individual to use their own discernment, do their own research, take what resonates with them and leave the rest.