International Public Notice: Why We Say No By Anna Von Reitz

We recently met a woman who could not understand why having RFIDs implanted in our bodies like a permanent Bar Code on a product was not a good idea. 
“It helped me find my dog,” she said.
Yes, it tracks every dairy cow in America, too. 
Are you an animal? That is, a mere human, a fictional creation, in a foreign caste system?  
The owners, who all know the truth and who claim to be non-citizen men and women, want all their livestock identified….. so, which one are you?  
Man or animal?  
Do you see why they call it the Mark of the Beast?  
Because if you accept the mark, you are accepting the status of an animal. 
It’s not figurative.  It’s not referring to Satan or some other “entity” as the Beast, as in the Beast marking you with a branding iron.  
No, it’s you self-identifying as a mere human and agreeing to stand in the capacity of an animal, allowing yourself to be tagged like an animal, that makes the RFID tag (or similar technology) the “mark” of the beast. 
Is this really something you want to accept for yourself and impose on others, too?  
Didn’t think so. 
So, look at the Bar Association Members and politicians pushing this, and mark them for who and what they are. 
Nancy Reagan was the best political leader in recent times, when she advised everyone to “Just Say No”.  
Say no and keep on saying it.  It’s such a pleasant and useful word.  
And if enough of us say it, altogether now, guess what?  
Then it doesn’t matter what the Beltway says or does.  
The word “No!” spoken with clarity,  is our political leader and liberation front.  Never forget it. 
The men who met in Philadelphia in 1776 were not united in any sense except that they all finally said no. No more King George.  No more caste system. No, we won’t be labeled or treated as animals. 
The delegates all came from vastly different cultural backgrounds and disparate climates.  The English Colonies butted up against Dutch Colonies, the  Protestants rubbed elbows with Catholics, rich Southern Plantation owners had to consult with smelly sailors. Jews had to agree with Muslims. It was a mess.  
It still is.  
In the end, we all said no —and when the issues are stated clearly, we still do. 
Quite apart from any connection to religion or Biblical prophecy, given a straight up choice between being treated as an animal or being treated as a man, what do you choose? 
And if the sign of your choice, the brand as in branding iron, is an RFID chip and a Bar Code, as in American Bar Association, what do you say? 
We choose to live and be recognized as men and women, endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.  
Any offer to denigrate us was unacceptable 248 years ago, and it still is now.  
So, we return Klaus Schwab’s offer with our compliments; he can be as happy as he wants as an animal, being shorn like a sheep and cut up for meat; if we are going to die, we will do it standing on our feet, not bleating like sheep. 
We will, however, counter-offer: all proponents of the Wen Dlrow Redor are invited to quietly go home and put their affairs in order. The right order, that is. 
Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652


February Fourth 2024