International Public Notice: The Myth of the Sovereign Citizen By Anna Von Reitz

In Urban Legend, Mrs. O’Leary’s cow purportedly knocked over a lantern and burned down Chicago; likewise, somewhat like Sasquatch, the “Sovereign Citizen” is a dangerous, likely violent and unhinged character lurking behind wood piles with a sawed-off shotgun, ready to kill any peacekeepers or law enforcement officers that stumble into his rural domain.  
This idea that Americans are ignorant rubes with excitable imaginations and violent tendencies running around declaring themselves to be “sovereigns” is ridiculous and like Mrs. O’Leary’s famous cow, and George Washington’s cherry tree, this mythical — and prejudicial nonsense — needs to be retired from the intellectual and cultural discussions of our time.  
The very phrase, “sovereign citizen”, results in an oxymoron. One cannot be a sovereign and a citizen at the same time.  It is a literal impossibility, so combining the two words, or concepts, results in gibberish worthy of any moron.  
What the Americans are referring to is the ability of our State Citizens to exercise the sovereignty of our States of the Union and to enter into contract on behalf of their States.  They are, in fact, Citizens with sovereign powers, and are enabled to act as Principals to conduct international and global business transactions. 
Our State Citizens created and adopted all three (3) Federal Constitutions, and are the American Principals having the provenance, standing, and authority to enforce these venerable Service Contracts on our erstwhile Federal Subcontractors. 
Perhaps it is this fact that causes these same Federal Subcontractors to attempt to discredit our State Citizens and their authority, and to also to react in fear.  
No doubt the Federal Subcontractors know very well just how far they have strayed, how they have usurped, undermined, evaded, disrespected, and avoided their obligations and limitations owed to the State Citizens and to the States and people the State Citizens represent.  
They’ve run amok for 164 years.  It must be quite a surprise to learn that we still remember who we are and how things are supposed to work.  
The Pope, the British Monarch — if either one has guts enough to occupy the actual offices referenced — and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London who hasn’t been seen in public since his election — must be especially amazed.  
The rubes out in the bushes of America have completely unraveled the complex Legal Fictionalization Scheme these crooked Principals put in place as a means to denigrate and unlawfully convert the political status of average Americans, so as to deprive them of their contractually guaranteed protections under the Constitutions, and to render them unable to enforce their treaties and contracts as State Citizens. 
No wonder they are afraid. They have attempted to unlawfully convert the nationality and political status of their American contract partners, which is a capital crime under both the Geneva and Hague Conventions.  
No wonder they are afraid of these Citizens who wield sovereign powers, because our State Citizens can enforce the Constitutions on them and their operations, can force them to deliver the services they owe in good faith, and limit their gross over-reaches of power and abuses of legal presumption. 
Our State Citizens wielding sovereign powers and our Federation of States are more than competent enough to do what these other Principals most dread — expose their bad faith and criminal mercenary activities and hold them accountable before the rest of the world.
It isn’t good for business when the rest of the world sees how they have treated their Allies, how they have unlawfully, illegally, and immorally plundered, pillaged, oppressed, and disparaged the very people that saved their bacon in two World Wars. 
Just as we said in our Final Judgment and Civil Orders, they have acted in Gross Breach of Trust and Violation of Their Service Contracts.  
They have pillaged and plundered the very people they were hired to protect and assist. 
It isn’t any “sovereign citizen” wearing a dirty baseball cap that strikes fear in the hearts of these beasts in nice suits.  It’s a different kind of Citizen, one that wields sovereign powers, that makes them afraid for their lives and reputations. 
To be fair, when it comes to the issue of sovereignty, there is another kind of sovereign that these people fear — “sovereigns in their own right” — a concept most popularized by William of Normandy, and having its roots deep in the soil of France. 
Just as William (Guillaume) gave his loyal Barons every square inch of land and soil that he conquered in Britain, he granted them sovereignty in their own right, to stand as kings on their own bit of land, and thus creating dozens of “Kings of England”.  
The current King, if he is a king at all, and not an Emperor, doesn’t like that fact, because his own ancestors were disinherited by William of Normandy and the only way they could wedge a foot back into England, was as the loyal Overseer of the Pope’s Commonwealth lands in England. 
These characters certainly don’t want people knowing about or talking about “sovereignty in their own right” because the Marquis de Lafayette brought it up again during the American Revolution as a solution to European meddling on this continent. 
Why not do what William the Conqueror did in England, only on a much vaster scale?  Give the conquered land to the people who fought for it, and declare that they and everyone born on American soil ever afterward would live as “sovereigns in their own right”?  
Any of the progeny of the original Norman Barons who had inherited sovereignty in their own right in England could confer the same right on the American people the same way as William conferred it on his Barons.  
So William Belcher (Belle Cher) the hereditary chief of the Norman Barons and a man in possession of sovereignty in his own right and his own independent Coat of Arms stepped forward and did exactly that.  
By right of conquest the Americans hold the land and soil and by right of inheritance all the progeny of all the soldiers and sailors who fought in the Revolutionary War, and every American born on our land and soil ever afterward, is a “sovereign in their own right”.  
It’s the Belle Cher Coat of Arms that forms the Great Seals under which every American ship — be it an actual vessel or a “ship of paper” — a corporation, sails.  
Try as these False Friends might to deny the truth, a simple visual comparison between the Belle Cher Coat of Arms and the Great Seals of this country tells the tale. 
No doubt the kings and princes and prelates of Europe are deeply offended that millions of Americans in fact are Foreign Sovereigns with respect to them, each one naturally possessing sovereignty in their own right.  
So, when speaking of us or to us, please keep these things in mind and make the mental effort to distinguish between the inanity of calling someone a “sovereign citizen” and (1) State Citizens who wield sovereign powers; and (2) Americans who have inherited sovereignty in their own right, without being citizens at all.  
Thank you very much for getting this straight in your own minds and teaching your employees and subcontractors to do the same. 
Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652


March 20th 2024