International Public Notice: Identity Theft Via Substitution (Part 2) By Anna Von Reitz

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents
You will recall this phrase from the prior International Public Notice: Identity Theft Via Substitution: 
“Their Mother signed an undisclosed contract at the hospital saying that they were “United States citizens” an act by which she unknowingly became an “Informant” — as in an Informant reporting a crime.”
How could it be a crime to be a United States citizen?  And why would a biological Mother be listed as an “Informant” on records related to her newborn? 
This goes back to the misrepresented and so-called American Civil War and to a giant British fraud scheme taking place in the years immediately after the surrender of Lee’s Army.  
In Scotland in 1868, a new commercial corporation calling itself “The United States of America” — was formed. This just happens to be the exact name and style of name used by our unincorporated Federation of States — The United States of America.  
They simply failed to disclose the difference by omitting the word “Incorporated”, so everyone mistook them for our Federation of States. 
The complicit Bank Accomplices winked and gave them access to our credit.  They impersonated us like any credit card hacker does today, but nobody knew what they were doing in 1868. 
Next, they published, also in 1868, a document that on the face of it, said, “The Constitution of the United States of America”, which appeared to be identical to the British Territorial Constitution issued in 1789 under the same name.  Everyone was confused and wondering why this was being done out of the blue. 
Everyone already had copies of The Constitution of the United States of America, but they were fronting yet another very similarly named corporation, this time a Delaware Corporation. 
Once again, the word “Incorporated” was omitted, thus failing full disclosure of what they were publishing —-and deliberately confusing it with the actual 1789 Constitution. 
What was actually happening was an attempt to legally enclose the actual Constitution and replace it with a different kind of Constitution entirely. They were publishing the disguised Articles of Corporation –the charter of a Delaware Corporation calling itself the United States of America (Incorporated).  
This is another substitution fraud scheme and unlawful conversion, but it was cleverly done.  This explains why none of the Amendments to this “Constitution” were ever ratified by our States of the Union — they were rendered as By-Law Amendments of a Corporation and required only the approval of their Board of Directors, the erstwhile members of the British Territorial U.S. Congress. 
The most infamous By-Law Amendment to this document was the so-called Fourteenth Amendment. 
The Thirteenth Amendment of this document loudly and simply abolished slavery.  The Fourteenth Amendment reinstated slavery by declaring that criminals are slaves, and that “citizens of the United States” are criminals, therefore, slaves. 
Of course, they obfuscated this maneuver behind a fusillade of Legalese that would make the Devil faint, but that is, nonetheless, what they did for the purposes of their for-profit corporation and its administration.  
They were setting themselves up to collect “war reparations” from Southerners and from Federal Civil Service workers who sided with the South — even though there was no actual war and they were not owed war reparations as a result.  
They had already set up ten “special” Military District Courts in the eleven Southern States in May of 1865; these were so-called Special Admiralty Courts, that is, Admiralty on Land, operated by civilians acting as Hired Jurists appointed by a General of at least Brigadier rank.  
These were and still are Military District Courts called “United States District Courts” and not Judicial District Courts at all.  Remember that all Judicial Districts were dissolved by the 34th United States Congress (1855-57) so that any pretense that these were Judicial Districts or Judicial Courts ten years later, was removed.  
These are the infamous “Carpetbagger Courts” — called that because so many of the Hired Jurists coming down from the North used colorful bags made out of carpet material as luggage. Wagon loads full of these predators descended on the Southern States within days of Lee’s capitulation. 
Now, with the “Fourteenth Amendment”  they had defined their new slaves and criminals as “citizens of the United States” — a reference to the employees of the Papist Municipal United States Government that provided Postal Services and a few other Federal Civil Service functions prior to the “war”, and which had sided with the Southern Confederacy.  
They also laid claim on all the former plantation slaves and cast them into this dehumanized criminal slave status by “conferring” this citizenship on them without their knowledge or consent.   
Private slave ownership might be abolished, but public slave ownership was just getting started. 
The Scottish Corporation operating as The United States of America (Incorporated) went bankrupt in 1906 and the Delaware version of the United States of America (Incorporated) followed suit in 1930, taking its fraudulent Constitution and its Fourteenth Amendment with it, but the corrupt elements of the court system and the U.S. Congress are still attempting to use this as a “cause of action” and an excuse to criminalize anyone unfortunate enough to be classed as a “citizen of the United States”.  
American Mothers seeing the words “the United States” immediately assume that they refer to the Union States holding the soil jurisdiction of this country; they are never told that these same words have any other meaning. They are also never taught the meaning of “citizenship” so they innocently agree that their baby is a “citizen of the United States”.  
They are thus misrepresented, not as the actual Mother of the baby, but as an Informant, giving testimony that their own baby is a criminal and a slave under the definitions of the long-defunct Fourteenth Amendment. 
This further denigration of political and social status from that of a U.S. Citizen serving as a “Human” to that of a citizen of the United States existing as a slave with only “Civil Rights” (that turn out to be privileges instead) takes place right after the initial registration with a second registration carried out by the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE in Washington, DC under the Municipal Law of the independent international city-state of WASHINGTON, DC — which is just another British Crown corporation squatting in the District of Columbia. 
So there you have the origin of the present day  “Federal Dual Citizenship” — and all of it being fraudulently imposed on Americans who owe the British Crown, the British Monarch, and the Pope, a great deal less than nothing at all— about Minus $35 Trillion and counting. 
There was once another kind of Federal Dual Citizenship that can be glimpsed in the earliest versions of our Immigration and Naturalization Acts– a status that allowed an American to work as a Federal Government employee of the American Federal Republic (operating as “the united States of America”) without the loss of their Constitutional Guarantees. 
I mention this because there is an attempt by the British Territorial U.S. Citizens to substitute a British Territorial rendition of a Federal Republic for the American version — The Federal Republic, and there may be attempts to redefine and latch onto our old definition of Federal Dual Citizen, too.  
They are quite desperate to escape and excuse and deny what they have done, and still not willing to just throw it down and plead for amnesty from the actual American Government, despite having a plausible excuse. 
Lincoln unlawfully converted our American Military Forces into Mercenary Forces; he and his Successors have been baffling the Generals with Legalese and excuses ever since, though the ugly truth of the matter can hardly have escaped a good many of them, and certainly didn’t escape Smedley Butler who openly said, “War is a racket.” — in the criminal sense.  
Please note that the abject criminals most responsible, the members of the British Territorial U.S. Congress, some of whom also duplicitously serve as members of the US CONGRESS, are still trying to use the Fourteenth Amendment of a long-defunct Corporation Charter to prosecute DONALD J. TRUMP, a foreign Municipal Corporation franchise owned and operated by the DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION as a SPECIAL PURPOSE VEHICLE — aka, the body of a slave. 
Any time that you, as a Bar Attorney, have ever represented a PLAINTIFF or DEFENDANT in a COURT, you have been operating in a MUNICIPAL DISTRICT COURT, or STATE-OF-STATE FRANCHISE COURT representing a slave being transported as cargo in Maritime Commerce. 
All this Federal Code, as in Secret Code, has to be translated and can’t be understood by average people. That is why Amendment XI of the actual Federal Constitution excuses Americans from having to understand it and keep up with its ever-changing definitions.  
We are held immune and exempt from all of this, as long as we are Americans. To deprive us of these protections of our natural political identity,  and to evade their own service obligations owed to us, these treasonous foreign corporations have contrived this entire scheme. 
We’ve just recently had a good example of their misuse of the ability to create legal terms and redefine common words, when they arbitrarily changed the “legal definition” of the word “vaccine” to include mRNA therapies, and then found out that the injections foisted off onto unsuspecting Americans as vaccines weren’t mRNA therapies, either.  
They were nanoscale gene-editing devices known by Pfizer, Inc. to cause more than 300 harmful diseases and disorders.  
Looks like they just ran out of excuses for all of this; for once, the Liars couldn’t change the meaning of common words fast enough.  
Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652


February 11th 2024