International Public Notice: Identity Theft Via Substitution By Anna Von Reitz

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents


We are born and instantly, we are “given” a name, a nationality, a religion, a race, a color, a kind, a caste, a socio-political status, a blood type, a genome-type, a family tree, a financial rating, a bond, a certificate for what we are worth as a bonded commodity….  We don’t choose any of this. 
Our identity is thus arbitrarily defined and imposed on us by the world that men have created. The world “system” immediately clamps down on us and starts defining and limiting us and shaping us for its purposes and convenience, not ours. 
And we are babies. We don’t know that this is happening or why.  We are Innocents; we accept these “gifts” along with Mother’s milk. 
Most people are deluded from the outset and stay deluded their entire lives.  Someone calls them by a name, so they identify themselves with that name, and take it as Gospel that that is who they are and that they are what their name means. 
They become the definition of their name, instead of their name becoming an instrumentality for their use. 
A name is actually a gifted bit of material property interest, akin to a bookcase or a bicycle; if your parents are wise, they record it in public, together with a property description, prior to the worldly government getting a chance to register it and copyright it for their use. 
“A son, James Allen, born to Richard and Anna Lee of Clivedyf Circle, Edinburgh, Scotland, on the twenty-third of March 1968” is a property description recorded and published in the local newspaper as a “Birth Announcement”.  
It establishes who, what, when, where, and precisely which “James Allen Lee” we are talking about and also who this “James Allen Lee” belongs to, therefore, who is responsible for his upkeep, and also which nation he belongs to, and what law applies to him. 
He’s a Scotsman, born in Scotland, under Scottish Law.  He’s a son, not a bastard, not an orphan, and this is who his parents are.  This is where they live.   
Without this crucial record (and admission by the parents) we are left with nothing but the following “public registration process” that is created a few days or weeks after the baby is actually born. 
The hospitals create a “uniform registration” for all babies born in their care or under the care of any licensed doctor or midwife or ambulance or police service.  This registration is an ownership claim on the baby and his earthly estate by a government — not necessarily his own government. 
That registration makes additional presumptions, that in the absence of other claims and records, allows the government to presume citizenship obligations on the baby. 
In this country, all babies with a birth registration are denigrated to the status of being “abandoned” by their parents, considered wards of the State, British Subjects, and British Territorial U.S. Citizens.  
They are no longer recognized as sons and daughters of men and women who are freeborn Americans, but occupy a lesser status as boys and girls derived from males and females — the status of “humans” and “persons” and “animals” and “indentured servants”, owed Human Rights, but not the Natural and Unalienable Rights they are otherwise heir to.  They are also assigned Titles under Admiralty Law: Miss or Master; later, they will be called by other British Admiralty Titles: Mister (a Midshipman), Missus, (a Midshipman’s wife), Doctor (a ship’s doctor) and so on.  
These newly created-by-contract (registrations are contracts waiving ownership rights) U.S. Citizens are allowed to be in this country under the provisions of the Residence Act. They stand under The Constitution of the United States of America, but are not heirs or parties to it, so they enjoy none of its protections or guarantees — those are for Americans, and though they don’t know it and their parents don’t know it, they are no longer considered Americans. 
They are considered wards of the British Monarch and dependents/employees of the British Crown Corporation doing business as “the United States of America, Incorporated”. 
Their Mother signed an undisclosed contract at the hospital saying that they were “United States citizens” an act by which she unknowingly became an “Informant” — as in an Informant reporting a crime.   By doing so, she waived her ownership interest in her own baby, waived his or her ownership interest in their American estate, accepted the obligations of being a British Territorial U.S. Citizen “for” the baby, and accepted the denigrated status of a “human” and a “Person” owed only Human Rights “for” the baby, too.  
Of course, the Mother doesn’t understand any of this.  She isn’t told which “United States” or which “United States of America” these Pikers are talking about on these forms. She has no idea that she is signing away her baby and his birthright and changing his political status to that of a British Territorial U.S. Citizen. She has no concept of any of this and isn’t told a word; the human trafficking thieves engaged in this criminal activity disclose nothing to her.  
So the parent knows nothing for lack of disclosure, and of course, the baby knows nothing, because its too young to be aware that anything is happening. 
This results in a totally unconscionable contract that irreparably harms the American baby and opens up his estate to be pillaged as an “abandoned” Public Interest Estate (Public Charitable Trust) operated under his own Given Name.  
The “infant decedent estate” thus created comes under the authority of the British Admiralty and the British Merchant Marine Service (Maritime Commerce) and as the infant American “died” intestate, this creates a Public Trust holding all his assets “for” him, until he “returns” and claims those assets. 
In the meantime, British BAR Attorneys will act as Executors de Son Tort and administer his “waived” American estate as they see fit — for the benefit of their King, of course, and taking a nice commission cut for themselves for this “public service”.  
Every time that you have acted as a BAR Attorney in any of the various Courts and have addressed a Plaintiff or Defendant using any Upper and Lower Case Name, you have been in an Admiralty Court, administering the Estate of an American who was “registered” as a dependent or employee of the British Crown, an American who was “lost at sea” and “presumed dead” — even though he or she was most likely standing right there in front of you, the victim of the most egregious and self-interested fraud imaginable. 
This is a capital crime of Unlawful and Unconscionable Conversion of natural political status prohibited by both the Geneva and Hague Conventions; it involves human trafficking, inland piracy, impersonation, fraud, and conspiracy to defraud using undisclosed and unconscionable contracts.  It’s one of the biggest peonage and enslavement rackets in history, and as a licensed BAR Attorney, you are dead center in the middle of it. 
As you can see, this swindle involves creating a non-existent Public Interest in a private estate for a foreign government.  
The victim is first registered and impersonated as a foreign Person and denigrated to the political status of an indentured servant to secure this claim. 
The foreign Legal Fiction Person  uses the same exactly styled Given Name as the American victim of this scheme, so that verbally and visually, they appear to be one-and-the-same.  
Emily Wright Bellevue, the Given Name of a living woman, appears to be exactly the same as Emily Wright Bellevue (Estate). They simply don’t disclose (again) by saying or writing “Estate” after the name, and thus fail to identify the Plaintiff or the Defendant or the proper subject matter, much less the venue in any of these court cases.  
They are all completely fraudulent, null and void, and criminal under International and Public Law. 
This is just half of it.  The British half.  There’s more fraud and malfeasance involving BAR Attorneys to come.  
You may be shaking your head and wondering how such a thing could be, but it has been going on “in the back room” for the past 300 years. 
You may also wonder what possible excuse there could be for this behavior on the part of your esteemed colleagues.  They’ve been told that they are at “war” and that this justifies all this evil done to innocent-appearing “enemies”. 
That claim, that they are at “war”, turns out to be just another crock of crap poured on top of an already vast manure pile. 
It derives from the idea that the so-called American Civil War was an actual war.  It wasn’t and it isn’t.  It was an undeclared Mercenary Conflict — illegal and unlawful by definition.  
No Congress ever declared The American Civil War, much less the American Federation Congress responsible for taking such action.  
This “conflict” is owed no dignification as a war, and no cover is provided by the Pretense of War for Municipal or Commercial Corporations engaged in 
it; rather, they are engaged in acts of murder, armed robbery, inland piracy, and genocide. 
The Corporations responsible have strong-armed, deceived, and corrupted the courts into going along with this scheme, and now, they are all set to provoke civil unrest at our Southern Border and try to “get something going” again, with tons more innocent people in the middle and at risk. 
The actual battlefield is in our mind. It involves our ability to discern what is true and what is right, and tests our determination to put an end to this filthy criminality once and for all time. 
But standby.  There’s more absurdly criminal malfeasance to report on.  
Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652
February 11th  2024