International Public Notice: Dear Vladimir Putin By Anna Von Reitz

We are the American Federation of States, part of the actual American Government holding general jurisdiction– literally and figuratively, over this country —not the Federal Subcontractors that have gone rogue. 

We ask you to remember our traditional Alliance with Russia and the bond our peoples have forged despite anti-Russian propaganda perpetuated by the Evil Doers. 

We know, as you know, that it was always to the advantage of the European Monarchists and the Latin Church to drive a wedge between our country and yours, and also between our country and China.  This they have attempted to do, to the best of their ability, and still, Russia has saved our bacon on numerous occasions.

It is embarrassing to ask for your assistance once more. 

We can deal with our own southern border crisis. That is “a” problem, but not “the” problem. 

The problem we face together with you and all other sane people on the planet, is the pernicious continuance of the old Romano-British social caste system which is promoted and implemented via the institution of debt enslavement and the promotion of legal fiction entities impersonating living people. 

This System, which denigrates living men and women to create two subclasses, so-called humans (indentured servants) and subhumans (slaves) depends on the use of promissory notes, otherwise known as debt notes or I.O.U.s to replace actual asset-backed money. 

Russia, together with the other BRICS nations, is fully aware of this problem, and you must also be aware that this was forced upon the sleeping American Public by foreign Federal Subcontractors in 1913, with their adoption of the Federal Reserve System. And then used to create a Tag-Along Fraud Scheme. 

At the time, and even today, the British Territorial United States Government will tell you that they adopted this System for their own use and the use of their “public”, meaning their employees and dependents, so, in theory, it did not concern us, the American populace, if they wanted to make paying a kickback (the so-called Federal Income Tax) a condition of employment.  

We disapproved, but there is nothing in the Constitutional contracts prohibiting this on the part of our foreign Subcontractors, just as there is nothing prohibiting them from incorporating their business operations. 

Soon after adopting the Federal Reserve System which then imposes the so-called Federal Income Tax, which is a tax on the value of a British Territorial Person’s labor, and therefore a form of peonage, they also began to “register” births in this country.  

Again, we protested, but there is nothing prohibiting them from registering their own people and denigrating them as British Subjects, that is, humans, having the political status of indentured servants.  

It wasn’t long before they were registering American babies accidentally-on-purpose as British Territorial U.S. Citizens by “mistake”, using undisclosed and unconscionable contracts, which were then used to force everyone to pay Federal Income Taxes — whether or not you happened to have any Federal Income. 

Their employees were also required to trade in Federal Reserve Notes, that is, Promissory Notes, and they passed Legal Tender Laws and published exchange rates effective in 1934, equating one of their I.O.U.s with one of our Silver Dollars.  Thus they gave us their promise to pay at some unspecified later date, and collected our United States Silver Dollars in inequitable exchange for their paper promises.

They did this under color of law, fraud, and force.

More than a hundred years later neither the banks nor their Principals have paid a dime toward these debts.  

They also — without any authority to do so — issued Bearer Bonds, the 1934 A Series, against our silver assets, amounting to billions of dollars distributed worldwide as payoffs to political cronies and foreign politicians who were thus encouraged to sell out their own countries and national resources in exchange for American silver that didn’t even belong to the reprobates. 

The Municipal Subcontractors also sent undeclared Federal Agencies — ignorant Subcontractors of our Subcontractors — around to confiscate privately held American gold, and by Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s admission, received 20,000 Metric Tons of illegally confiscated American gold.  

Roosevelt admitted giving 6,000 tons to the Federal Reserve Banks and the rest, 14,000 tons to the World Bank and International Bank of Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).  

Nothing has been paid toward those debts, either, though their Principals are under demand for this gross malfeasance. 

Beginning in the 1920’s these corporations began very secretly and without disclosure registering all American babies as if they were British Territorial Subjects and placing these False Registrations in Registries, thereby denigrating Americans to the status of humans, equivalent to British Subjects and indentured servants, also subject to the peonage system described above by which progressive taxes were applied to the earnings of people who were never British Territorial Citizens and who never knowingly, voluntarily, or consensually agreed to any of this, and were never Federal Employees of these corporations. 

The purported contracts that served to impersonate us as British Territorial Subjects were imposed while we, the actual Americans, were yet babies in our cradles, and these arrangements were both undisclosed to our parents and unconscionable for us. 

Nobody here volunteered to be a Tory, that is, a British Territorial. 

In this way, numerous contractual obligations, including the Federal Income Tax, were created by fraud and unconscionable contracts with American babies who were in no way dependent upon nor receiving any free benefit from these criminals. 

You will no doubt recognize the crime of unlawful conversion which changes the native birthright political status of a man or woman against their will, so as to denigrate them, and know that this is a capital crime under the Geneva Conventions? And the Hague Conventions, too?    

Humans do not exist and neither do Subhumans; but these outworn legal fiction artifices of the British Empire Raj are, nonetheless, still being used to denigrate living people who are naturally men and women of substance. 

The economic burdens imposed on the victims — peonage imposed on the so-called humans, and slavery on the subhumans — have been outlawed worldwide since 1926. 

These False Claims against our political status and forced taxation and other illegal confiscations of assets belonging to Americans — land, gold, silver, cash, natural resources, labor, and more — have been commonplace for decades, but because this abuse was carried out under color of law and secrecy, so that people thought this was their legitimate government making these demands, and because they had no idea that they had been misidentified as British Territorial Subjects under unconscionable circumstances, they were unable to protest. 

Both of the Municipal Corporations resident in the District of Columbia are evil and are akin to an infestation of parasites.  

It did not have to be this way.  

They could have been honest with their Employers instead of usurping against them in breach of trust and violation of their own service contracts. Instead, they chose to impersonate their Employers and denigrate them, call them disparaging names like “sovereign citizens” and otherwise add insult and defamation to their long list of self-serving crimes.

This criminal “System” has been promulgated stealthily over the course of decades and has grown like a silent cancer until now. 

The United States, Canada, Australia and the rest of the former Commonwealth nations have been undermined and co-opted by the British Territorial United States Government under conditions of fraud and breach of trust; the same British Territorial entities have continued to illegally occupy seventeen countries of Western Europe and Japan and have promoted the same criminality throughout.  

We have located the nexus of this conspiratorial crime syndicate at specific locations worldwide, mostly operating as independent international city-states  maintaining their own local laws to expedite all these crimes against humanity.  These so-called “enclaves” and city-states and miniature monarchies have functioned as pirate oases.

We highly recommend that the Belgian BEAST computer in Brussels be taken out to expedite the fall of this world-spanning evil and please, help us spread the word about this incorporated District of Columbia Municipal Corporation regime that has been deliberately substituted for and confused with the lawful government of this country. 

Too many people are going around shouting, “Death to America!” when in fact the Americans have been victimized by this evil as much or more than everyone else — and when in fact we ought to all more knowledgeably shout, “Death to the US, Incorporated!” and similar slogans. 

It’s not us doing all this dirt. It’s our out of control Federal Subcontractors, which are in turn owned and operated by the Latin Church Pope as Corporations — both of them.  He has middlemen Overseers managing them, but he and the Vatican Chancery Court have both received our claims concerning their criminal mismanagement and malfeasance. 

Both these Municipal Corporations have been recently reorganized and renamed and had their assets shuttled all over creation, but effectively, the Successor to the UNITED STATES under Joe Biden and the recently rebranded USA, Inc. under Donald Trump, are now being pitted against each other by the Vatican and their British pawns, respectively. 

Biden is being pushed to honor a treaty that G.W. Bush signed without authority, agreeing to create the North American Union and agreeing to erase the borders between Canada and Mexico to create yet another level of government — a Regional Government, as if we didn’t already have more than enough of them and their “services”. 

G.W. Bush, like all U.S. (Territorial Corporation) Presidents and US (Municipal Corporation)  Presidents, too, had no delegated authority to say one word about our land and soil, nor about our borders.  

Instead, G.W. and every other such “President” before or since, is contractually obligated to secure our borders. Biden and his entire Administration is now in default and apparently don’t realize that the Constitutions are contracts which outrank all forms of treaty. 

They also don’t appear to realize that unless they get back in their box and uphold The Constitution of the United States, the provisions of the Residence Act kick in, and all of them can be deported.

We are holding “Pope Francis” accountable for this mess, and call him “Pope” with a certain amount of irritation. He isn’t occupying the defunct office of the Roman Pontiff, which was dissolved prior to his arrival.  He isn’t occupying the Papal ministerial (sacred) office, because Benedict XVI retained that and took it to his grave. Perhaps he is playing around with being “Prince of the Air”, but if so, he is still the owner of the Municipal Corporations and is fully accountable for their mismanagement, malfeasance, and crimes. 

We are holding King Charles III accountable for being part of a multi-generational fraud scheme against the population of England in particular, and more widely against the population of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales — and the rest of us, too.  

This fraud involves deceiving the Public on such important issues as vacating the English Throne and failing to take and keep the Christian Coronation Vows. 

Our research indicates that, for sure, there hasn’t been anyone sitting on the English Throne since 1953, and it may go as far back as 1714 and the reign of Queen Anne, when a new legal fiction entity, Great Britain, was created, and Anne became Queen of Great Britain. 

But what is “Great Britain”? — it isn’t a country, rather, it’s an instrumentality of sovereign nations, a legal construct that lacks substance of its own. When the Throne of England is vacated under conditions of non-disclosure and fraud, the legitimacy of any role played by Great Britain is also imperiled — especially when one of the requirements of the Union agreement creating Great Britain requires not only the existence of a Christian King or Queen, but stipulates that they must be Protestant. 

King Charles III has attempted to bypass the whole issue by having himself crowned as “His Imperial Majesty” — a Holy Roman Empire office inhabiting the air jurisdiction, which would require him to be some form of Roman Catholic and enable him to conduct business for the Municipal Corporation doing business as the UNITED KINGDOM or “UK”. 

Yet all of these intrigues and schemes and efforts to operate in the dark without the public being aware of the situation yields nothing but the fruits of fraud.  

Nothing Elizabeth II did as the Queen of England holds true because she vacated the Throne of England within three days of taking her Coronation Vow and that has been proven in their own High Court. 

That means that everything Elizabeth II did as the Queen of Great Britain was also tainted as she was not acting as the Queen of England and was not acting as a Christian, much less a Protestant.  

Her Son’s coronation as an HRE Officer is far closer to the truth, but again, the fraud runs too deep.  Like King Henry the Eighth, and his Mother before him, Charles III is supposed to be the Head of the Anglican Church, but he is receiving 40% of the Life Estate of his Protestant Congregants, as a kickback from the Pope. 

Money that’s not money, a King that is not a King (and not English, either), a Pope that isn’t a Pope, and Presidents who aren’t the right President, trying to foist themselves off as if they are. 

The Kingdom of Lies is replete. 

Gradually, our military has awakened to the fact that their Honorable Service was unlawfully converted by Abraham Lincoln into a Mercenary Service and that generations of fresh-faced American kids have been bought and sold as gun fodder and very, very cheap Mercenaries by mostly European Colonial commercial interests.  

All this has been done to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy, much talk about the “Land of the Free”, and speeches about “our democracy” when America has never been a democracy. 

The British Territorial Subcontractors are the ones that adopted Mob Rules, aka, Democracy, for their government, and who apparently love being second class British Subjects, considered to be “human animals” and forever subject to peonage. 

To top it off, the Brits colluded to misidentify all members of the “United States” Military as perpetual indentured servants, mere humans, forestalled from enjoying the freedoms they thought they were fighting for and unable to enjoy their natural estate as men and women.  

They’ve also caught on to the schtick that they have been paid with I.O.U.’s, that their silver was purloined in inequitable exchange, that the gold belonging to their Grandparents and Great-Grandparents was illegally confiscated, that they have Municipal Corporations named after them and that they have been denigrated to the status of slaves, as a thank you for saving Britain’s rump twice in the past century.  

And now the country they so proudly served and protected under what they imagined was “the” Constitution, is being threatened by these foreign Subcontractors, who don’t even have a right to be here apart from providing us with “essential government services” rendered in “good faith”.  

If you were their employer — meaning either one of these Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia — you would probably be as outraged as we are. 

This is not about politics or religion or race or immigration policies.  It’s about Big Lies told over a long period of time, and the need for the entire world to pull together to put a stop to this craziness and criminality in high places.  

When it comes to the UN CORP first formed in Vichy-Era France during the Second World War, it’s yet another Big Lie, confusion, and fraud scheme. 

People assume that the “UN” is the United Nations organization the same way they assume that the “US” is The United States— but it’s not. 

The UN CORP is also owned by Jorge Bergolio and it has already maimed, killed, and polluted the blood and the natural genome of over a billion people worldwide. 

If we do nothing else in our lifetimes, Vladimir, the UN CORP and the banks colluding with it and the evil Corporatists funding the WEF —using the World Economic Forum as a storefront operation just as the UN CORP has used the United Nations as a storefront— these evil corporations have to go down to dust. 

Think about how Kid Zelensky was forced on Ukraine and the Proxy War that these vermin have waged against you by stealing our credit and impersonating us. 

Wouldn’t it be better for the entire world, if the bankers are prevented from extending these yahoos our credit against our will?  

These foreign Municipal Corporations have misrepresented us and our country, stolen our identity and misused our credit, defaulted on their service contracts and been on a rampage of illegal and unauthorized mercenary “conflicts” more than long enough.  

None of the acts that we have described for you are the actions of brave men.  They are the actions of cowards, thieves, murderers, gluttons, and most of all, Liars. 

This is an International Public Notice that everyone can read and everyone can see that we, Americans, who are Americans, and adopting our birthright status as men and women, are still here. 

We are not deceived any longer. 

Everyone can see how we have been abused by these purported “Allies”, how we have all been defrauded by them and their phony courts being used as color of law bill collectors, collecting on False Claims in Commerce 

Everyone can know and see that we are opposed to all this criminality and violence, that we did not authorize it, and can also see that these foreign Municipal Corporations inhabiting the District of Columbia are not “America”. 

Issued by: 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America

In care of: Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska 99652

January 28th 2024

We note that the Swiss Government has begun to clean up its act and shut down UN Corporation facilities there, but has yet to crack down on the Davos Crowd and the Global Federal Reserve enclave that is also located there. 


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