In “HOT PURSUIT” of lawful justice during 99 years of Illegal Irish Statutory Courts

This gives the reader understanding into the how, when, where, and why Pat Clohessy discovered who was responsible for the illegal Statutory jurisdictions of the un-enforced Courts of Justice Act 1924, supposedly ” the foundation of the Irish Courts system” for the last 99 years.

The investigations conducted by Pat Clohessy unearthed deliberate breaches of the Public Trust vested in the Executive Council Authorities, who ran the Irish Free State government behind closed doors by means Of Devious machinations.

The results of searching 20,000 documents in more than 200 archived files yielded shocking revelations Of falsification Of documents, and administrative irregularities that, was rife between the 4th June 1924 to dates beyond the 13th March 1926. It is hard to fathom rampant betrayal of Public Trust occurring behind closed doors involving the newly appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Justice, and Cabinet Ministers of the Irish Free State government. They had full knowledge that no Executive Council Seal was existing to affix to an illegal “draft” No. I Commencement Order for the Courts of Justice Act 1924 on the 4th June 1924. No Original Order exists The Stamping Department of the Revenue Commissioners only received the Executive Council Seal from the Royal Mint UK on 13 March 1926.

To cover- up the Deception of ex post facto affixing the Seal to hundreds of Orders, thousands of memos were exchanged up to dates in 1941, because the government was at risk of having committed a felony.