If your personal world or even the world at large appears an overwhelming series of challenges (and they do for most people right now), I have a simple solution for you.


I want to remind you of your immeasurable power and how that power has the scope to heal you and heal the world.

First of all, when we feel powerless it largely has to do with what we’ve been taught about how the world works. Everything you’ve been told about human beings and the rest of the universe is derived from Isaac Newton’s laws of almost 350 years ago.

That tidy view of the universe as a collection of isolated, well-behaved objects got dashed in the early part of the 20th century, once the pioneers of quantum physics began peering closer into the heart of matter.

As they discovered, at its most elemental, physical matter isn’t solid and stable – indeed, isn’t an anything yet.

The only thing dissolving this little cloud of probability into something solid and measurable is the involvement of an observer.

The implications of these early experimental findings were profound: living consciousness somehow is the influence that turns the possibility of something into something real.

And: reality is not fixed, but fluid, or mutable, and so open to influence.

In 2005, Richard Conn Henry, a professor of physics at Johns Hopkins University, published an astonishing article in no less a conservative publication as Nature magazine called ‘The Mental Universe.’

He quotes James Jeans, a Cambridge quantum physicist at Cambridge and Princeton Universities, who once said, ‘The universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine,’ with mind ‘the creator and governor of the realm of matter.’

I’ve spent about 25 years examining just these implications.  If our world doesn’t exist independently of us, the bottom line is that you have unlimited power as a creator, but even greater power, I’ve discovered, when you are intending in a small group of about eight.

As I’ve discovered over the years with thousands of Power of Eight® groups, changing your thoughts can change your relationships, as they did for Viola, a member of a recent Intention Masterclass group, whose group helped her heal fractured relationships with her husband and their child.

They can change your health, as they did for Esther, who reversed her stage 4 melanoma with a single group intention. Or Hilde, who was able to avoid the cancer medication she was supposed to take for 10 years, thanks to the intentions of her group.

They can kickstart a new successful career, as they did for Tom, who was able to start up an alternative medical center, with all the pieces falling into place, thanks to his group.

Or save your finances, as her group did for Bev, who received a grand from Lloyd’s of London, with a large check, just at the point where she was down to her last £200.

The point is, you are something akin to a tuning fork, causing the tuning forks of other things in the universe to resonate at the same frequency, and that tuning fork gets larger and more influential in a small group.   You just need to learn to vibrate at the right frequency.

You also need to recognize how much that positive intention, particularly intention in a group, changes you as well. What I’ve discovered during 41 Intention Experiments is that although the outcome on our target is important (37 have shown measurable responses), the most powerful outcome is the effect on the participants themselves.

As you may know, I survey the participants in every experiment, and each time at least 40 percent experience some sort of healing in their own lives.

Half of all participants report that they feel more loving toward strangers and more loving and accepting of people not like them – people they might ordinarily consider enemies.

They also report changes in the people around them.  Estranged partners or children suddenly contact them.  Bosses are suddenly kinder to them. Their energy has changed, and it has changed the energy of the people around them.

And the changes are often permanent. As one participant in a 2017 Intention Experiment wrote me: ‘Peace has been with me since the Peace Intention we did in 2017.  That Intention profoundly changed ME.’

And another one wrote: ‘I had PROFOUND life changes.  Relationships that I thought were destroyed were revised and flourished.  I am closer than ever before to my youngest.  Everything I visualized about relationships manifested and continue to do so.’

Think about this for a moment.

In our last series of Intention Experiments for Israel and Gaza, some 30,000 people participated and experienced the same types of changes – the same peace and tolerance in their own lives, the same healings in health, relationships, finances, career.  The same tolerance of differences, the same hugging of strangers.

We didn’t end the war, although the temporary ceasefire and release of hostages – our intention – did occur right afterward. (Did we do that?  Short answer: who knows.)

But what we can demonstrate is a giant ripple effect of peace among the participants. If each of the 30,000 knows 50 other people (the most conservative average), that one series of experiments has the potential of changing the lives of 1.5 million people.

Change that number of people in our lives to another common estimate (150 people), and the affected number swells to 4.5 million.

That’s about half the population of Israel.

Or how about the most recent estimate from Columbia University – that each of us knows about 600 people?  In that case, the number of people the participants of these Intention Experiments can affect in their lives explodes to an astonishing 18 million.

And then if those affected people, with their changed energy, interact with the people they know in a more tolerant and loving way and they in turn become more peaceful, before you know it, we have created a tsunami of peace and love with the potential to heal the world.

So when you think about the state of the world, or even the state of your own personal world, don’t despair.  Your life – in fact, the future of world – is within your own power to change.

We just have to think differently – together.