How To Survive The World

Chances if you are reading this you are an adult, and you know how to live in the world and deal with its dangers and make the most of its benefits. There is a lot in our world that is not good for us, and there are many blind spots in limited and over simplified mainstream perspectives.

I’ve been sensitive and aware for quite some time now, and so this is my take on what you may want to watch out for in our jungle and what may help you to live optimally in a very tricky world. Much of what I am talking about here is a lot of things you may not know about. Most people know about the importance of regular exercise, eating well and meditation, and all that sort of thing. Hopefully you can learn at least a few hacks and hints that I have picked up, that may make life easier and healthier for you. And you may know a thing or three, that is not listed in here. Feel free to make some suggestions in the comments. 

Obviously, I am not a medical health professional. I am only offering my own perspectives here, but I do recommend you do take your health into your own hands, and find a competent medical professional to help you to do so if you can find one! 


Water is Most Important

To my mind, the number one thing that you should pay attention to is what water you drink. You are over 80% water. Australian people, for example, think it is acceptable to drink tap water, whereas in American cities, most people would never drink the tap water. 

Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite) is a biocide, it kills things, it is really bad for your body. The only reason it is put in the municipal water, is that it kills all the bugs and bacteria, but does a good job of killing the good bacteria in your gut as well. 

And then there is Fluoride. If actual Sodium fluoride was put in the water at 1mg a litre or 1 part per million, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad, but in Australia at least, they put various kind of fluorines in the water which are straight up wrongly considered the same as fluoride, but are clearly more toxic. Most of these fluorines like Hydrofluosilicic acid are byproducts of phosphate fertiliser production and are much more bioavailable than sodium fluoride, which in turn is much more bioavailable than calcium fluoride, or fluoride as it is found in nature. That means the body doesn’t absorb Calcium Fluoride easily, but even water with high Calcium Fluoride at doses in the range of 4mg per litre can wreack havoc on the human body, causing people bones to break more easily and causing all kinds of health issues. If you are reading this in Europe, you would be shaking your head, as Fluoride was banned in all european countries as an additive to water decades ago.

There are also numerous chemicals used to treat the water before it gets to you, some of those chemicals leave residues. And then there is the state of the water pipes, which are very often old and leaching chemicals and other substances. 

Bathing in municipal water is really not a good idea either, as the chemicals are absorbed by your skin. I recommend a good shower filter and have found The Omica shower filter to be about the best you can get. 

Thank god in Australia you can now reliably buy casks of Tasmanian or South Australian mineral water from the supermarkets, which are very good. 

If I travel to other countries I may only buy water in glass, because the issue is that plastic from bottles leach into the water. I find this leaching plastic to wreack havoc on my hormones. 

The issue with filtering municipal water is that most filters don’t easily take out the fluorines, though the Berkley jug and Ace BIO Jug do quite a good job at it. 


Organic Food is Food

I’m increasingly finding non-organic food hard to eat. This was highlighted to me in Brazil recently, sometimes I felt the food there was anti-food, taking away more than it was giving back. I did some research and found out that Bolsanaro’s Agriculture minister, was dubbed “the muse of poisons”, after green stamping a whole lot of chemicals banned in most other countries. 

To some degree the body can deal with these chemicals, but often we don’t really know how they effect the body. Those who call themselves “skeptics”, (clearly not skeptical of the poisonous nature of the some 20,000 chemicals in our environment) make fun of the term “detox”, as if there was nothing to detox from, but the body is typically overloaded with these chemicals and it is only by properly detoxing does an individual truly understand this. 

Did you know that Roundup and Atrazine are the number one and two pesticides used in food respectively? Roundup is beginning to get attention as a possible carcinogen, and many have pointed out that Glyphosate works on the shikimate pathway, which the human body doesn’t use, but that bacteria within the body does.

Atrazine is the chemical that American Professor of Biology Tyrone Hayes famous studied showing that males frogs turned to females, and that Alex Jones popularised as the chemical that makes frogs gay. Atrazine is banned in the EU since 2004, but still used in Australia and the United States. There are inumerable fungacides, herbacides and pesticides which are being used, many of which may have unknown effects on the human body. Organic agriculture isn’t necessarily all that great either, and some of the natural compounds utlised in organic agriculture can be toxic as well, but on the whole it would be safe to say this approach results in less contaminated produce. 


EMF’s require some Research

So-called “sciencey” people will often say that “the scientific consensus” is that that non-ionising radiation (from mobile phones and wifi) cannot cause harm, because it doesn’t break the bonds of the DNA like ionising radiation, like the radiation of x-rays and nuclear bombs. 

The real issue is NOT that non-ionising radiation will give you cancer, it is that this radiation will effect your “wellbeing”. Protestant capitalist society typically does not give much too credibility to such a fundamental subjective thing such as “how you feel”. 

The Russians did a lot of research on non-ionising radiation, which can be found as part of the Zory Glaser archive, a collection of research collated by an American navy research scientist. The Russians found that EMF’s caused “neurasthenia” (among many other deleterious states of being), which basically means “feeling like shit”. If you ask me, feeling like shit is what I want to avoid. However, as so many people already feel like shit, they probably cannot tell the difference when they are being bombarded by EMF’s.

However, the so-called “sciencey” people (unless they actually read the science, and not the predigested versions of such) are often not up with the latest science (over the last decade or so), which very clearly shows all biological life responds in typically negative ways to non-ionising radiation. 

I’ve been aware something was off with EMF radiation since I first came into contact with those brick like Nokia phones and would never put them to my head, as I could feel them cooking my ear/brain. iPhones of our day and age are not as bad as that, but I can still feel them. I do use a good quality emf protective sleeve (watchout for safe sleeves, their old sleeves worked, but their new sleeves don’t seem to work), which make using a smartphone less noticeable. 

I try not to stay in apartment buildings where you might have a few dozen wifi routers in quite close proximity to you, this I can really feel and I feel myself slipping into a hazy fog of low energy and grey fuzziness in this circumstance. 

The Russians found that the higher the frequency of EMF, the more problematic the radiation. Hence, 5G may not great for your immune system, or at least less great than 4G. But 3G is still not good. We humans are clearly better off in environments where we are not subjected to these frequencies. 



There is a bit of buzz about fasting recently. But most of that buzz is about intermittent fasting, which is to micro-dosing is to macro-dosing psychedelics in the psychedelic world. Intermittent fasting isn’t real fasting, and it will not truly bring the benefits of a longer fast if you ask me. 

Fasting has been practiced in many religious traditions as a way that people use get closer to spirit and purify the body. You will only get these results with the longer fasts. (though 40 days is definitely too much for most people) 

To begin fasting, I recommend people try 24 hours at first, then 3 days, then a week, then 10 days. I recently did a 14 day fast, mostly water, but with some juice and from day to 3 to 6 I did dry fasting, which meant no liquids at all. I had previously done a 36 hour dry fast, which I found incredibly beneficial. 

For those interested in researching dry fasting, I recommend researching the work of Dr Filonov, who would put people on up to nine day medically supervised dry fasts and claim miraculous results. He says that 1 day of dry fasting is equivalent to 3 days of a regular fast and he would recommend that people do days 1 to 3 dry and then do another 7 to 10 days regular water fasting in order to obtain optimal results. 

Dry fasting is generally considered dangerous lunacy in the west, where the propaganda says you will last only a few days without water. Yet, dry fasting is fairly well understood in Russia. Dr Jack Alloca I know has done a 7 day dry fast. Obviously, you must really work towards dry fasting and I would only recommend it to people who are already experienced with longer juice or water fasts.

I found on day nine of a 14 day fast, I went into a hyper lucid, state of clarity where I was no longer effectively detoxing (you can feel a lot of processes in your liver and kidneys when that is happening) and that is the first time I have gone into that state, which is so powerful. 

Fasting is probably something people should consider doing at least once a year, particulary in the spring. I now fast with  psyllium husks and bentonite clay which help clean the gastro-intestinal tract and this is probably the most effective way to detoxify. I combine this protocol with a coffee enema most every day. The enemas themselves are so potent, and have all these psychic and emotional benefits. Some people prefer colonics, which are also very good, deeper than the enema, but the enema you can do in your own bathroom quite easily. I have in the past only fasted with fresh juices, but found on my last fast that I was inclined not to drink juice at all, and only drink water. Certainly juice fasts are easier, but you must take into account the amount of sugar you taking in from juicing. 

Too much ejaculation will drain you, and not enough will constipate you

This one is for men. Ejaculation feels good. But too much ejaculation, as noted by some ancient cultures, very much appears to reduce levels of vitality and energy in the man. 

On the other hand, some men may not find the middle way and decide that not ejaculating at all is healthy. I used to know a young woman who was married to a guy who never ejaculated, but he was so stressed about his pent up energy, he wasn’t able to have sex with his wife at all. 

Any man can do the experiments on himself, how do you feel after ejaculating a lot? Happy? Good? Then that might be what works for you! However, most men are probably going to notice they are lacking a vital energy when ejaculating too much or too often. And when not ejaculating for a while, you can also build up your testosterone. But also not ejaculating for some time will also reduce testosterone. There is a middle way. The ancient Taoist Chinese, far from recommending not ejaculating at all, based the frequency of ejaculation on your age. There seems to be an optimal cycle that each man has, or an optimal time at which there are no further benefits from not ejaculating, and a lot of benefit gained from the “reset” and clearing you do get from ejaculation as a man. This is the factor that appears to be missing from the extremists who are refraining from ejaculating over very long time periods such as one month.

Some in the medical field believe that regular ejaculation may be detoxifying and also good for the health of the prostate gland, although ejaculating 20 times a month may be too much if you are not 15 years old.

What is the point of sexual intercourse if you are not ejaculating? The point is, if you do not ejaculate, you can spend time finding pleasure in a dynamic energetic interchange with your partner, rather than making the whole act about the pleasure that is felt from ejaculation as an end point. This understanding of the possibility of energetic connection the basis of western Tantra, most of which is not that useful if you ask me. 

Nylon, Plastic Bottles, Teflon and Receipts

I figured out when I was young I didn’t like nylon, I couldn’t wear Goretex. I feel a bit of pain when I touch Nylon. Then I read that Barbara Ann Brennan in her book “Hands of Light” says that Nylon blocked the flow of chi in people. I only wear natural fibres. Maybe other people don’t experience this, or do not have this sensitivity, but I suspect it is effecting them, but they are not aware of it so directly. 

People in Australia seem to have a good awareness of Bisphenol-A, a toxic compound found in plastic bottles, which leaches into plastic bottles. However, that awareness is not there in Europe, where in Italy, most mineral water is found in plastic bottles, whereas in Australia, glass is generally prefered. But also Bishpenol-A is also found on receipts, which you can absorb through your hands. 

Another major toxic element and hormone disrupter to watch out for is Teflon, especially scratched Teflon pot and pans. Just don’t use them.

And then there are the forever chemicals called PFAS, because once they are in our environment they are not going away any time soon and are found right throughout the ecosystem of the earth and in every living organism. 

Male testosterone has reduced by 40% since 1980, at least 1% a year and a large part of that appears to be a culmination of Teflon, PFAS and Bisphenol-A as well as other plastics and toxins. 

Perhaps protocols like Sauna and Fasting can help the body to detoxify from these chemicals, but more research needs to be carried out.

Sauna, Icebaths and Sun

There has been a lot of attention on cold water immersion because of the Dutchman Wim Hof. I personally have found benefit in staying in cold water 3-5C for up to 5 minutes. I find getting in ice cold rivers especially good, where the water is crystal clear just having flowed down from the mountains. 

I have been into saunas for a long time, having spent a fair bit of time in Finland also, where Sauna is a big part of their culture. Saunas do offer a lot of benefits in a similar to ice water immersion, and there is also the element of detoxing elements though your skin that your body cannot easily excrete in other ways. 

I try to do Saunas regularly, at least once a month. It is noticeably very good for the skin, there are no mobile devices allowed and you are just doing nothing which is obviously relaxing.

Another factor people may overlook is just getting enough sun. Naked sunbathing can be so beneficial and it doesn’t have to take long. Just 10-20 minutes, turning over a couple of times, and I feel my immune system is charged and there are all the positive effects of receiving sunlight onto the body. 

Herbs and Teas

 I always try to be taking some form of plants and herbs for my health. Over the years I have found great value in Ron Teagarden’s company, “Dragonherbs”, which aims to encourage a culture of taking herbs for their tonic power, for well being and to mitigate against the effects of ageing. 

But I find there are many different kinds of herbs and plants from all over the world that are useful to take, especially in tea form as well. I find myself becoming a bit stupid, if I do not partake in the wisdom of plants quite regularly.  Some of my favourite tonic herbs are Rhodiola Rosea, Cistanche, Ashwaganda, Echinacea, Schizandra, Gynostemma, Buchu and Dandelion. Quality can vary a great deal, with some echinacea tinctures not even worth taking if you ask me, but if you have a premium echinacea tincture, it can be palpably beneficial. 

Flower Essences

I first got into flower essences in the late 90’s when I had a reading with a tarot reader who said I was really fine, but to get some Australian Bush flower essences made up by the stall holder next to her. That flower essence blend contained Bluebell, and it awakened my heart back into a love from years ago, and so I re-contacted a young woman I had fallen in love with some years earlier. I was sold. Then flowers began to talk to me and I started to make my own essences and I also did the practitioner 1 certificate course of the Australian Bush Flower Essences in 1999. 

Probably the Australian Bush Flower essences are the most accessible and most relevant to people in our day and age. There are many different esoteric flower essence companies out there and many people making flower essences, and to be honest, you are best to make your own essences, they are always going to be much more potent. The Australian bush flower essences are quite readily available in Australia at least, as well as the Bach remedies, which I don’t personally find as valuable. In Australia at least you can get them made up in some apothecaries or health food stores and it does not cost much to make a 15ml dropper bottle, normally less than $20. 

This is the thing about flower essences, there is no physical element of the flower in the essence, it is ONLY a vibration of the flower, an imprint of the intelligence of the plants creative expression. Recently, I have been using the no-pick method of making flower essences, which requires you enter into a dialogue with the deva or spirit of the flower. In that case, the essence does appear stronger than regular flower essences made by putting the flowers in a bowl of water in the sun. 

Have a look at the list of negative conditions of the Australian bush flower essences, probably more than a few apply to you. At the very least, taking them can also be a meditation on your own issues and a pointer in what issues you want to focus upon. 

Bodywork and Spiritual Healing

You can say what you want about America, but they do have a culture in which bodywork (and to some degree spiritual healing) is utilised and well understood as part of the conscious culture there. Many conscious people there will often regularly see a bodyworker or form a relationship with a bodyworker, who will give them massage and bodywork on a regular basis. For myself, I need someone to touch me and find problem areas in my body, and work them through, at least once a month, maybe every 2 weeks. 

In Australia, a lot of people I know cannot even find a good body-worker to see regularly. Because I travel around a lot, finding anyone good is very hit and miss. In Australia, the Chinese massage places are not bad at all and good value for money, with traditional massages typically costing almost twice as much, and generally not hitting the spot as often as the Chinese, who have a good understanding of the meridian system and they often have more comprehensive techniques. The best Chinese massage places tend to be those who practice acupuncture and other modalities of healing as well. 

I’ve never found that much luck with Thai massage, though I have found one woman in Thailand, who was phenomenal, but she wasn’t even practicing thai massage, but just highly intuitive and proficient in her own unique way. Japanese Shiatsu can be good too. As with everything, it is very hit and miss, I think maybe 80-90% of people who do this are not great at it, but I think you can say the same for car mechanics and ayahuasca facilitators as well.

With spiritual healing, I have found at certain times in my life, a good spiritual healer can enable some potent transformation. There is always this discussion, that nobody else can heal you, but actually other people can help you get into alignment and clear stuff, especially if they have a good awareness of deeper layers and levels of the self than the physical. 

As with everything of this nature, it can be very hit and miss. You are often best to ask around the people you know to see who they recommend. I have known skeptical types to become converts after only one session. But I generally do 3 sessions to find out if a practitioner is worth pursuing further for me. 

I have found the spiritual healers trained at the Barbara Ann Brennan school of healing to be most reliable, and her books “Hands of Light” and “Light of Emerging” to be about the most under rated research of the last century.

 I have also found benefit in all kind of modalities in which the healer is working on you remotely, over a zoom call or phone call. Some of these sessions I have found to be the most powerful, and I’ve talked to people who do these sessions and they say it is often easier to work on people without the distracting physical elements of having a client in the same room with you! 


Psychedelics Are Real Medicine

Psychedelics are too often looked at as only agents of transformation or transcendence, and so this meme got started, “when you get the message, hang up the phone”, an adage which may apply if you are talking about high dosed 5-MeO-DMT. But if we are talking about optimising wellbeing and psychological health, for most people continuing to regularly take psychedelics will prove to be invaluable. 

When I first moved to the city 11 years ago, I would have to take 1g of mushrooms every week, just to keep my head above the water of the noise and chaos of living in the urban environment. The mushrooms appeared to help cleanse me of all this electromagnetic static also and help reset my system. 

Ayahuasca is also another very good whole body/mind tonic, regular use can bring about more health and clarity in the psyche. And it doesn’t even have to be big doses, you can take more medicinal doses of high vine ayahuasca with lower tryptamines. All of this talk of manufacturing psychedelics without a “hallucinatory” component, overlooks the simple fact that at lower doses, people will not have visions with low doses of compounds.

I would say Cactus, Mushrooms and Ayahuasca or any form of oral DMT are the most medicinal psychedelics forms, along with the more exotic Iboga, especially micro-dosing Iboga, which is the most powerful form of microdosing I have found

Plant based psychedelics should be a part of your plan for psychological and physical well-being, you don’t need to do big doses, but macro doses, medicinal doses, say a gram of mushrooms or a light dose of cactus can help a lot. Some periods you may find that taking 1 gram of mushrooms or 20 grams of cactus on a Sunday once a week can help clear a lot of “head fog” or “neurasthenia”.


A lot of people don’t know that any sleep you get before midnight appears twice as restful as sleep after midnight. This means if you go to sleep at 10pm, and wakeup at 4am, you are effectively getting 8 hours of sleep. If you do stay up late to 1-3am every morning, your body is not resetting its hormonal system in the way it wants to. I find that as I get older, getting to bed earlier is much more important. In my 20’s, I could get away with going to bed at 4am every morning, now I struggle to be completely alert the next day if I go to bed at 1am. 

Parasites, Dysbiosis and Biofilms

I first took parasite herbs as part of a 1 month cleanse, involving the last week juice fasting with psyllium husks and bentonite clay. Then I had my blood tested under a microscope, they took just one drop of blood and it revealed a whole world of insane looking little monsters. The parasite herbs hadn’t worked. Some years later, I took 6 weeks of parasite herbs, hoping that would do the trick, but without testing how would I know?

When I took a big dose of cactus in the desert last year, the cactus showed me a crystal clear vision of a parasite, and it was hanging around on green slimy stuff. I thought the green slimy stuff might be the cactus, but later I realised what the cactus was showing me was biofilm. 

Biofilms are slimy networks within the body (typically made from scavenged heavy metals and stolen minerals), which aim to protect parasites and bacteria, and deceive the immune system into believing there is no problem. 

Biofilms appear to be the rule, rather than the exception. Everyone has parasites, but at what point do people have an imbalance of parasites, so that the parasites are running the show and evade detection from the bodies immune system. Many people do have food cravings, typically for sugary food and carbohydrates, which fungus like candida and bacteria thrive on. Alongside this comes a lack of will power, the parasites have in these cases, taken over the show and this kind of possession is common in our society. 

As antibiotics are so common, and there is a lack of awareness of how to ensure a balance of good microbes, many people have an imbalance of microbes in their system. If that issue is severe, it is called “dysbiosis”, which well be the precursor to any number of intestinal issues and diseases. Alongside this, what people call “leaky gut” appears like a chronic issue in our society. I tried a few things for “leaky gut” when a naturopath diagnosed me with this issue and nothing in particular I noticed seemed to work to treat my stomach issues. 

It seems to me, understanding parasites and microbial imbalance and furthermore biofilm is really the key to addressing “leaky gut” and all kinds of other related issues. Once the parasites have taken hold with their biofilm, you cannot easily get rid of them. Dr Ettinger believes that even with an advanced biofilm protocol that used to work, ceases to work these days and so he has come to the conclusion that through morphic resonance learning, the bio-film has learned to deal with herbs and supplements thrown at them. He recommends seeing a professional who knows what they are doing, in order to defeat bio-film. The difficult thing with bio-film is that it is tricky, if not almost impossible to detect as well. However, you will know if you have biofilm, if you have a chronic candida issue that does not respond to treatment for example, or any number of gastro-intenstinal issues, that do not respond to any treatment or diet. 

However, I don’t know any health professional who I am aware of that treat biofilm and did my own research and have been getting results. I have been seeing biofilms coming out of my stool, just like you can see in these photos. If you are too squeamish to look, they are tentacle hook like networks made of hard slime.

I would start using Cistus Incanthus herb taken as a tea, in my opinion it seems to effect the “Quorum sensing” that biofilms use to co-operate together. For me, how the Cistus works is felt quite palpably. Taking a strong dose of the tea (at least 10-20 grams of the herb) 2 times a week for a month to be most effective, then I felt diminishing returns, but still take it once a week.

I would also work with a strong probiotic, ideally a spore based probiotic which will easily survive the journey through the gut. Oftentimes with even the spore-based probiotics, you need to take triple or even five times the dose to feel some positive effects. Bravo Yoghurt is the ultimate probiotic with 30 strains, it is expensive, but so worth it. I highly recommend the 12 week program if you can afford it. 

In terms of a bio-film disrupter, Klaire Labs Interphase Plus is the one to reach for. Dr Ettinger recommends a program of 3 capsules 4 times a day over the period of 30 to 45 days is what most seem to recommend, Dr Ettinger says that this protocol is not enough sometimes and he recommends people get medical assistance to go through any of these protocols in order to do it properly. 

My recommendation is to throw everything at the biofilms and parasites over at least a 3 month period. 

The Mircrobe Formulas foundation protocol is excellent. The phase you want to focus on is “Gut and Immune Support” and do that protocol, whether the foundational or comprehensive protocol for 2 months. You want to take formula 1 for two months, as formula 2 doesn’t appear as effective to me. Then you could do “whole body immune support” phase, with formula 2 for another month making 3 months in total. 

Microbeformulas Mimosa Pudica by itself may well be enough to break up biofilms as they claim, but it is hard to say. I combined their foundation protocol, with bio-film disrupters, and also with Monolaurin, which I found to be excellent and palpably positive. I tried another brand of Mimosa Pudica, and it clearly didn’t do anything, definitely just go with microbe formulas brand. N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is part of the kidney and liver support capsules in the microbe formulas, and is also highly rated for bio-films. 

Then what I would do is hit the parasites hard with other parasite formulas during the day, a half hour after taking the biofilm disrupters. I will sometimes take 2-3 times the dose of the herbal anti-parasite formulas. Dr Morses Parasite G and M, containing Black Walnut Hull, but any good practitioner range containing Berberine, forms of Garlic, Clove and Neem, and all the traditionally used parasite herbs, that might only work if you take them for a year.

My approach is like warfare, hit them hard, unexpectedly, use a diverse range of weapons (herbs and supplements) continually ramp up your attack, start slowly and consistently attack more, until they start to die and you can see and feel definite results.

You will need to literally “dig” a bit to see results, but after a while you will see results. It took me 10 weeks to really see the parasites and biofilm coming out. And that is only after I started to use the biggest weapon, which is ozone – which I used as rectal insuflation. This is not a really easy thing to do. 

You could find a place that does rectal ozone treatments, or you could buy a proper medical Ozone machine (mine cost me $500) Then you would need to acquire a regulator and a tank, which require a medical prescription. However, you can get a regulator and tank from hardware stores, which will work just as well, but just not the same precision and elegance as the medical setup. 

I also found 3 bags of 750ml at around 20 micrograms of ozone per ml was what was required, one bag at the start appeared enough once a day, but I ended up moving onto 3 bags as just being more effective.

The ozone works very well. In that case, you can really feel your kidneys and liver processing toxins from the biofilm and parasite dieoff. The EDTA in Klaire Labs Interphase plus and also the BioActive Carbon foundation can really help process these toxins. I found I had to dial it down with the ozone and just intuitively approach it. Maybe do one week of ozone then one week off. Then a couple of days and rest a couple of days or even a week off. 

In any process, you will want to taper back when you are getting the “results” of a die-off, that is literally seeing the biofilms and feeling your body process the toxins, and your adrenals becoming overloading, and often not sleeping well because the processing is quite pronounced. 

 This is a shopping list for a bio-film, anti-parasite anti-microbial protocol. 

  •  A good spore based Probiotic, if you don’t feel it doing anything, ramp up the dose by as much as 5x the recommendation or try another probiotic. 
  •   Klaire Labs Interphase Plus. I tried Kirkmans Biofilm defence first and didn’t notice anything, it just doesn’t appear to do the job as effectively. 
  •   Prebiotics and fibre, which enable the good bacteria to grow. Some form of gut powder, like My Brain Co’s Gut Repair. Or you can take “k-fibre” a fibre made out of cane sugar combined with Inulin, a sugary fine pre-bioitc which is highly recommended. 
  •   Survthrival Colostrum I found to be very supportive and I would take quite a few tablespoons in water every few days. 
  •  A few different kinds of high quality (preferably practitioner only) parasite herbal products, like Dr Morses Parasite G for example. Vita Klenz I found also works well, but I take 2-3 capsules twice a day. 
  • anti-microbial herbal combinations which include Allicin (from Garlic), Oregano, often you can find the anti-microbials in the anti-parasite herb combos, often practitioner only, but available from the naturopath at a health food store. Pathoclear is a good example of this.
  •   Anything else you can get your hands on, many common herbs like echinacea, goldenseal, skullcap, thyme and tansy can help a lot, you may find products and extracts from these to be worthwhile. You may be connected to some Ayurvedic or Chinese medicine source of herbs that can also help. 

I’ve now been on a protocol for almost 5 months and parasites and biofilm are still coming out. The biofilm will sometimes come out as long stringy hard slimey bits, which could be green or even orange. Most of the parasites look like different kinds of worms. 

Human Connection : The most important thing

The penny dropped for a lot of people during the covid lockdowns, that zoom or Skype is not enough human connection. There is something about human connection in person which is necessary to our mental and emotional well being. Recent scientific research even shows people without human contact from lockdowns test lower in cognitive perfomance and other markers of mental well-being. 

We are social creatures and desire connection, and that connection is a biological transmission of energy. Barbara Ann Brennan wrote a book in 1993, called “Light Emerging” which describes in detail the anatomy of human energy connection. Our society still hasn’t caught onto this in any significant way, and it might be some time yet, before this phenomena is even begun to be truly understood in our society. 

Sex is not connection or intimacy, and doesn’t in itself fulfil these needs, and may stimulate various unwanted feelings. When I was newly single after a 5 year relationship in 2010, I started to connect with women in a way that I had with my ex-girlfriend, sometimes take psychedelics and lie face to face with them. It just became something I did. Eventually I gave it a word, mebbing and created a web site for it. Since then I haven’t really known what to do with it apart from do it with partners, although it might be something I teach one day in person or in film or both. 

There is a form of connection which is proximity based with intention, but there is also just recognising and cultivating intimacy as a rule in life. Once intimacy is your barometer and guide, you cannot go too much wrong ethically. When you understand how your actions diminish what you value with others, your connection with them, you very much tend to cultivate a way of being that encourages that connection, than actions which harm or lessen that connection. 

Stress and Giving yourself Time

It shouldn’t need to be said, but stress is really at the root of ill health, ageing and lack of well-being. A lot of stress we cannot do much about, but a lot of it, is how we choose to orientate towards our life and choose to react. A lot of stress is sweating stuff that doesn’t need sweating. 

In my view, people work too much and force themselves to do things they don’t want to do, getting themselves involved in things that cause them real stress without bringing back value which will counteract that stress. There is some stress that may well be worth the cost, but we also have to ask, how are we acting that causes other people stress that is not helping them? 

As an antidote, I believe in just taking time off, long periods of time off just to recharge and live. I find I need more time to recharge than I think I do, and really need to listen to my body and being as to what time and space I need to do not that much! After 2 weeks of holiday, some people may only just catching up on sleep and beginning to de-stress themselves. Time is the ultimate luxury, yet many people believe other things are more important. If you are able to design your life to give yourself the ability to be clear with yourself and your own thoughts, then you are a step ahead of many other people. 

If you are to approach this world with clarity and mindfulness, you will need to give yourself a lot of time and space to work through what is on your plate. A lot of people are avoiding facing their own shit, and it can be hard to do so, but the results are being free of your own shit, and not being pestered by unresolved issues. This self work really should be the priority of each person, their own self work and clarity.