Getting Out of the Control System: Understanding It, Leaving It, Fixing It w/ Roger Sayles (1of3)

Roger Sayles, Author, Radio Host & Teacher, joins the program to share his years of knowledge about the human condition in 2022. The first lesson you must learn, before you can fix your situation, is to first know what your situation actual is. He believes we have agreed (with a fraudulent method) to our own slavery and ongoing servitude. This is why we pay taxes that do not go to serve the people, but the interests of a very few who have gamed the system. This is not a metaphor, you have literally agreed to servitude, a serf existence, and he can prove it to you. Then you can change it and reclaim your freedom, if you choose. You can learn more about Roger Sayles, buy his book, watch his radio show, read his blogs, and download freedom documents at