German Engineer Marvin Haberland Challenges the Existence of Covid Virus in German Court

Marvin vs Virology: COVID Taken to Court

by Dr. Sam Bailey
October 11, 2022


Many of us know that the virologists have not been following the scientific method and have no evidence that viruses exist. One of their biggest problems is that they don’t perform valid controls in their experiments.

German engineer Marvin Haberland has worked out a way to get a public admission that SARS-CoV-2 has not been shown to exist. When Marvin broke “corona” legislation, the German authorities unwittingly took the bait.

If they want to convict him, they will have to justify the fraudulent nature of virology in a public court.

The virologists better come up with some decent excuses fast…

[Video available at Dr. Sam Bailey Odysee channel.]


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Mark is a microbiology, medical industry and health researcher who worked in medical practice, including clinical trials, for two decades.

Samantha is a content creator, medical author & health educator.  After training and practicing within the medical system for two decades, she commenced a new phase of understanding and promoting health as a wider concept. Sam is a co-author of the number 1 best seller in Amazon Microbiology Science: ‘Virus Mania’ which examines how the medical industry continually invents epidemics to make billion-dollar profits at our expense.

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