From January 24th: The European Union allows insect powder in food

From the jungle camp to German plates: From January 24th, grasshopper powder can be mixed into food throughout the EU. In addition to meat, beer, bread, chocolate and many other foods are also affected. Critics warn of increased cyanide exposure.

Brussels – The European Commission has approved the use of cricket powder in food. From January 24th, 100 grams of meat may contain five grams of insects. Parts of the “Acheta domesticus” (house cricket) can also be used in vegan meat substitute products.

For the first five years after the regulation comes into force, only the company “Cricket One Co. Ltd” will be authorized to distribute. The company specializes in insects in food and submitted an application to the EU in 2019 for permission to bring house cricket powder onto the European domestic market.

Many foods are said to have crickets added to them
The agent may not only be used in meat and meat substitute products. Bread, beer, sauces, biscuits, pizza and frozen vegetables may also contain them.

According to the EU regulation , products containing crickets must be clearly labeled as such. Around two billion people worldwide regularly eat insects. The animals are rich in proteins and can be produced in an environmentally friendly way. However, critics point to the high level of pollution from insecticides and pesticides. In the future, one kilogram of cricket powder may contain up to five milligrams of cyanide.