These are 31 key minutes of the two-hour December 21st broadcast with Lara Logan, Sasha Latypova, Sam Dubé and Glen Macko.

Latypova, a retired pharmaceutical industry executive is one of the creators of the HowBad.Info website, where you can look up your vaxxine batch and see if there are any adverse event reports associated with it. Some batches appear harmless and may have contained only sterile water, while other batches have been quite deadly.

She says that what we’re looking at is a government-committed atrocity. Due to the PREP Act and due to the fact that the mRNA COVID vaxx is a Top Secret Pentagon bioweapon and not a vaccine, there is no real legal recourse that is enforceable against the manufacturers, outside of proving that good manufacturing practices were not followed.


“Good manufacturing practices are the law – extensive law – and they are violating it a gazillion ways and it is the only part that is enforceable. Deaths and injuries are not enforceable, because of the PREP Act and other things that exempt vaccines from any liability but they’re not exempt from good manufacturing practices.”

Latypova also explains that the Department of Defense has not been merely acting in a support role with the implementation of the COVID-19 vaxx, by doing things like offering hospital ships, like the USS Comfort. She says that although this has not been adequately publicized, the DoD is in fact the “CEO of Operation Warp Speed…it is in their own internal documents, which I have – and they’ve been declassified now.”

As Lara says, instead of having the FDA, CDC and the NIH in charge of the vaxxine, the Department of Defense was in charge of the project. “This is a fundamental shift in understanding for the public.”


Latypova shows the declassified organizational chart which clearly shows that the DoD was the Chief Operating Officer of the Project, whereas the Department of Health and Human services was the Chief Science Advisor. The Executive part shows that the National Security Council, DoD and BARDA were in charge of production, distribution, clinical trials, manufacturing, legal affairs and Office of General Counsel, etc. were all controlled by the US Government.

Latypova says, “This explains the curious thing, remember, when Aaron Siri was arguing in court to get the Pfizer clinical trial data released, which they wanted to hide for 75 years? Who was he arguing against? Pfizer lawyers were not even present in court. It was Department of Justice lawyers.

“And everybody was saying, ‘Why are they defending Pfizer’s commercial interests?’ Well, that’s why, because the commercial interests is not really Pfizer, it’s actually the US Government.”

As someone coming from the pharmaceutical industry, Latypova says this is an extremely odd structure.

As for the the regulators, they were pretending that they were doing their job but they weren’t. BARDA was in charge, distributing money to the pharma companies, as well as ATI, which offers illegal weapons, such as bioweapons, which are deemed legal when they are labeled “prototypes” or “experimental”, which was precisely the language of Pfizer’s $10 billion contract with BARDA.