Energy + Vibration + Frequency = Matter (The Mother)

Energy + Vibration + Frequency = Matter, (The Mother).


The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling, and Gnostic Guidance.


Blessings Dear Family of Light,


Today I am being Guided to disclose the Basic Truth of our existence. As simple as it is, most today do not grasp the truth of our Reality.


The realm of matter or this Physical Universe, within the Gnostic Texts, is described as a “shadow,” produced from the “Mother,” and from which Christ Transcended and “hastened up into the fullness,” Meaning, Raised his Vibration enough to transform the Physical Body into Light. This is the Plan of the Mother, to raise in Light out of the Darkness, or out of the Shadow.


Within all things, known to exist within the scene and unseen realities, Throughout every dimension, are the 3 causes of Creation. Energy, Vibration, and Frequency.


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Quote by Nikola Tesla.


Albert Einstein’s Theory of relativity, E = mc2 meaning, Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared, also is an explanation of how the Universe was Created.


Energy is Light, Vibration is Sound. and Frequency is the speed at which the Light is Vibrating. This is literally how this Universe and everything within was created. The concept of Rising in vibration is the key to entering the Higher spectrum of Light or the higher dimensions.


Vibration is much more in control of everything than most people can understand. For thousands of years, ancient traditions have used Sound to heal, through singing Bowls or chants, prayers or dance, and so on. Sound and vibration have been used in Ceremonies and rituals since the beginning of human history. It is also thought that the Ancient Used Sound and Vibration to Move giant stones with precision and Ease. Sound also has been used in wars against one another for centuries and is becoming a favorite with the Militaries of the world today.


On a Personal Level,


We can say Mantras or chant the same words over and over to get certain results in our lives. What Music we Enjoy creates the Vibration we wish to reside within. Our Emotions are projections of our Vibration. What Vibration of food we put in our body also affects our personal Level of Vibration.


In this Physical Form, we can change our vibration to enter different Dimensions. We even Jump to different timelines depending on our levels of vibration at any given moment.


Certain Frequencies can reduce anger, fatigue, anxiety, and depression, which is just beginning to hit the mainstream. Just recently Researchers have a breakthrough with Vibration or Sound in regenerative medicine. A new study out of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia showed physical healing using sound waves. “Scientists used high-frequency soundwaves to turn stem cells into bone cells in a medical discipline called ’tissue engineering,’ where the goal is to rebuild tissue and bone by helping the body to heal itself.”


The Suppression of our basic truth has caused Modern humans to be prone to Viruses and diseases, By allowing our bodies to be destroyed with outward vibrations and frequencies coming in at all angles. Through all the Electronic Devices themselves, we alter our level of Frequency, not to mention, that everything we do and see on those devices, totally controls our vibration.


Everything that we are subjected to, distorts our personal field.


Many of us know this information, but do you actually focus on intentionally raising your Frequency on a daily basis? Or maybe you don’t know how to raise your own vibration. The secret to Raising in Vibration is your personal Level of LOVE. The Highest Frequency that This human form can emit through our Emotions is Selfless or Unconditional Love. It is good to also Love the self but understand the frequency of self Love is Not the Purest form of Love and borderlines the service to Self mentality, rather than being of Service to Others, which is the way of the light.


Our personal level of Frequency will determine where we are within this Ascension. You decide where you are, no one else. We do have the power to control our own vibrations. We decide what energies we subject ourselves to, But we also decide what Energies we wish to hold on to.


It is the Time to let go of all the Energies and Vibrations that no longer serve us Within the New Earth of Light. Understanding just the Basics of our Reality will help us move forward. The Higher in Frequency we become, The Higher in the spectrum of Light we will Reside within. You make your own choice of what Frequency you wish to be. I am Being Shown that This Earth, Mother Gaia Sophia, is Rising very Rapidly in her Ascension now that many of the Dark ones have been Bound from Causing any more harm to humanity. Of course, there is still much work to be done, but Doing this allowed her to Break free of the Darkness that was stopping her from her Ascension. She is Now very Much in control of her own destiny. Understanding Just the Basics of our existence shows us that, As She Rises in the Light, so must we.


And so it is and it is so.


In so much Love and Light,


Chellea, Mystic and Channel of the Aeons Sophia, Christos, and the Karistus. The New Earth of Light Full Disclosure, Channeling, and Gnostic Guidance @