Ed Dowd: The Four Converging Forces that Will Destroy the Economy

Ed Dowd joins Steve Bannon again with some hair-raising financial bombshells about the imminent end of the monetary system as we know it.

He says credit markets and equity markets are unhinged and it’s going to accelerate: “We’re going into a recession and we’re going in hard.”

He sees the rise in the commodities market as not wholly a monetary phenomenon and mostly an energy policy phenomenon, with the Biden Regime’s stoppage of US energy independence, the EU’s Green policies and China’s port closures causing much of the current problem.


“It’s a supply chain issue, it’s an energy policy issue, it’s this ESG nonsense…I think we’re going to see an absolute collapse of credit and the economy…the tyranny of the bond math is such that they can’t raise interest rates without collapsing the whole system.”

Bannon adds, “You have asset deflation at the same time you have runaway – maybe even getting into hyperinflation…on top of a supply chain…collapse that’s been brought about by policies over 40 years…On top of it, you’ve got this radical Green New Deal thing that they’ve killed energy. 

“Those four converging forces are what makes this unique. I gave a speech the other day and laid this out, I told these people, I said, ‘Look, the scale of this problem has never been addressed anywhere. This is going to make 1932 look like a church picnic.’”

Bannon says, “We’ve had the managed decline of the nation by our elites. What they have turned out to get wrong, as they’ve consolidated wealth was these policies and how these policies work against each other.” 

Bannon says that in the imminent collapse, it is we who will be the collateral damage. “This is why economic populism [Trumpism] is the only solution for the nation. There’s not another solution…This is why 50% of the Hispanics want to join us, 33% of the African-Americans are going to join us. They’re going to join us because they understand that we actually have an economic program that’s not going to leave the American People as the collateral damage.”

Dowd says, “Obviously, they’re setting the stage for a new monetary system, all this talk about Central Bank Digital Currencies – China’s trying to launch one. So, there’s a new system coming. We have another Bretton Woods coming ahead of us. The question is, who controls how that is formed and shaped?

“And I suspect that all this monkeypox nonsense and all these ‘variants’ we’re going to see into the fall elections are going to be designed to provide cover for the economic collapse…

“There’s all sorts of shenanigans going on and we need to take charge of what’s going to form on the other side…

“You just have to understand that the central bankers and politicians have bankrupted the world and a lot of the things you’ll see in the media are distractions to cover that and COVID was a convenient excuse to cover the implosion of the credit system…

“This recent monkeypox nonsense…I suspect they’re going to try to lock down the economy right before the elections…

“You have to think about the vaccines and the excess mortality. A lot of people, if the GOP takes power, are going to go to jail and if you’re a criminal, you’re not going to let the elections go off without giving it a shot, to rig them.”