Dollar Collapse accelerates Worldwide after Moscow and Beijing call for De-Dollarization

By Sarah Westall 


The world is moving away from the dollar at an accelerated pace after Moscow and Beijing called for de-dollarization. Countries are taking advantage of this time to dump the dollar before the west decides to implement sanctions.

A brief summary of some of the most important de-dollarization developments throughout the world economy:



Silent Crow News had this to say:

There is no stopping this trend, many countries see this as an opportunity to ditch the US dollar before Washington can impose some sort of sanctions on their respective economies especially if they were to decide on doing business with Russia, China, or Iran.  Besides the fact that when the US receives its imports, they export its dollars in exchange thus resulting in inflationary pressures for those on the receiving end, Washington has weaponized their world reserve currency status to impose their will on sovereign countries for a long time, just ask those who suffered thru sanctions or embargoes such as Iran, Russia, China, Cuba, and others who has defied Washington.  

The US dollar has been used as a weapon against those who are not obedient, but times are changing for the US establishment and their ambitions to continue their hegemonic objectives, therefore undermining its currency can end its global dominance.  The US dollar was one of their main weapons of choice, and it has clearly backfired. but a serious question remains, what will Washington, its banker class, the Pentagon, and its Military-Industrial Complex do to stop or slow-down the global rush to de-dollarize their economies? Perhaps start another war with another global power who is leading the charge to abandon the US dollar?  Maybe they will release another virus? One of these scenarios will take place in the foreseeable future because the globalists who are in charge in Washington and elsewhere will do anything to remain in power even if it means starting a new world war. 


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