Dark Journalist Does InfoWars: America’s Secret Space Program and the Breakaway Civilization

My old buddy, Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt joined The Alex Jones Show on Tuesday to discuss the secret space program and the breakaway civilization – and he did an absolutely fabulous job and Alex wants him back a week from this Saturday to guest host a 2-hour show!

The two get into how the US Government has long regarded the UFO phenomenon as the biggest secret that there is and how it was considered to a bigger secret during World War II than than the Manhattan Project.

Daniel says that this is why the UFO File is located inside the Federal Government’s extremely compartmentalized Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP aka COG) and how the secret space program absolutely involves not just aerospace technology but but it also harnesses psychic powers or spiritual technology.


They get into how NASA is an occultic organization that was built on top of Jack Parsons’ Jet Propulsion Laboratories and how Parsons was a hardcore practitioner of Sex Magick and disciple of Aleister Crowley.

Daniel opines that the entry of RFK Jr into the presidential race takes us into a totally different arena, where the whole idea of UFO transparency may now be possible.

As many know, Donald Trump’s uncle, John Trump was a professor at MIT who was given access to the Nikola Tesla files that were seized by the FBI after the latter’s death.

Daniel mentions that before he died, John Trump said they were looking for information in Tesla’s documents about an ultimate weapon that was dubbed the “Death Ray”.

Daniel believes that the thing Donald Trump holds over the Deep State’s head and why they hate him so much is the information he was given by his uncle about Tesla technology and the powerful physics of longitudinal waves, etc and because of his connection to the “deep aerospace groups” who make up the Breakaway Civilization.