Catherine Austin Fitts joins Dark Journalist to discuss the ongoing Global Financial Coup d’État, as established by the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s Statement 56 (FASB 56).

“FASB 56 basically said, ‘We’re going to privatize the Treasury to an invisible committee that we don’t know who that is and they’re going to be able to create secret books by a process which is secret.’

“So a group of secret people with a secret process, creating secret books – and now, with the election fraud and the new Election Act, basically, what we’re saying is, ‘The electorate doesn’t get to vote on who runs the Treasury. The Treasury has now gone private.’”

She notes how a group of Democrats recently called for Biden to relinquish the nuclear codes and to turn them over to a committee and she implies this had nothing to do with Biden’s advancing dementia. It has to do with the Biden Administration’s agenda to dismantle the US.

“FASB 56 is the privatization of the Treasury. Turning over the nuclear codes is the privatization of the military. Remember, if you want to come out with a global reserve currency system, you need the military to be controlled globally.

“In the meantime, we’re watching central bankers, people from the New York Fed or from BlackRock being moved into different positions all across the Administration. So, it looks to me, what’s happening is a consolidation of the Financial Coup, because this balance of power, between the Electorate and the private bankers is now coming to an end and the private bankers are moving in and taking over everything and ‘Bye-bye, Electorate.’

In other words, welcome to the China Model. Especially as China owns much of the US debt.

She continues, “I think the question is, are we also looking at a cut and run, because the debt is now skyrocketing, it’s almost approaching $30 trillion and the undocumentable adjustments are skyrocketing.”

Daniel Liszt says, “They’re looking to implode the United States,” and Catherine agrees, “That’s what it looks like. But remember, when you implode the United States, you want to blame it on the people you just stole the money from. So, I don’t want to give Daniel Liszt back his $150,000 of undocumentable adjustments that I’ve stolen or if you look at a family of 4, we’re now approaching over half a million per family. So, you don’t want to explain to him, ‘Oh, we stole the money and we’re sticking the debt to you.’ You don’t want to be accountable for that, you want to stick the blame to him.

“So, what’s the game? I don’t know what the game is but some of the possibilities are that you want the states to take action to secede, because you can say, ‘Well, you know, you seceded, so there’s no Social Security, don’t blame us.

“Now, the Magic Virus is helping, because you get these articles that are saying, ‘Oh, there won’t be enough money in Social Security because of COVID-19.’ It’s the Magic Virus, it wipes out all the contingencies of the financial coup.

“I’ve never seen an economic warfare scenario such as we’ve been in since March 2020…We’re talking about the complete theft of all private equity and assets in the world. They’re serious. When Klaus Schwab says, ‘It’s 2030, you have no assets and you will be happy,’ he’s serious.

“That’s why, when people ask me where they should put their money, I say, ‘You should put your money into financing an army to stop this.’