Cracking the Matrix with Cate Montana

Cracking the Matrix – 14 Keys to Individual and Global Freedom with Cate Montana The world is currently in the after-throes of a global pandemic. Personal liberty is under attack, democratic nations are becoming more autocratic and totalitarian. Global media censorship is crippling the free flow of scientific and medical debate. Politicians spew Orwellian “double-speak.” Families, congregations, towns, states, political parties & nations are violently split asunder, and nobody knows what’s true and what’s not. Why is this happening? What’s really going on? Are competition, self-destruction, aggression and corruption really our true nature? Or is there a pervasive evil influence at work in the world with a dark agenda of pulling mankind down to its lowest level? Are there humans aligned with this evil force deliberately carrying out its agenda? And if so, what can we do about it? CATE MONTANA is a professional journalist who specializes in the field of alternative medicine and health and speaks and teaches about consciousness, ego development and spirituality. A dauntless explorer of inner and outer worlds she is the author AND co-author of several books including the newly released Cracking the Matrix: 14 Keys to Individual & Global Freedom – a work that not only addresses the questions that many are raising right now, but, as one reviewer declared, is divinely inspired to address most of humanity’s problems at this point in human history.