Chicago Stories: Ida B. Wells

Step into the captivating life and relentless fight for justice of Ida B. Wells in a documentary that peels back the layers of this iconic figure. More than just a historical portrait, the film paints a deeply personal and relevant narrative, showcasing how Wells’ struggles resonate powerfully in today’s world.

Journey from her early days as a teacher in Mississippi, where the brutal lynching of her friend ignited her fire, to her rise as a fearless journalist in Chicago. Witness her expose the truth behind lynchings, not as acts of random violence, but as calculated crimes fueled by economic interests and racial hatred. Using her powerful pen and unwavering voice, Wells challenged both white and Black communities, demanding accountability and dismantling the justifications used to silence Black lives.

The documentary goes beyond the headlines, weaving interviews with historians, journalists like Nikole Hannah-Jones, and even Wells’ descendants. These voices add depth and dimension, revealing the woman behind the activism, her personal sacrifices, and the unwavering love that fueled her mission.