“THE INDIAN REMOVAL ACT” On this day in 1830, Congress passed “The Indian Removal Act” which permitted the forceful and sometimes violent removal of Native Americans from their homes, towns, villages and farms in the Southeastern United States. A few years later, thousands of Cherokee landowners and landowners of other nations were removed from their …[continue reading]

Bitcoin Threatens To ‘Take Power’ From The U.S. Federal Reserve

Bitcoin, which has roared back over the last few weeks after what many feared was a terminal decline since its peak in late 2017, has long been called a threat to the existing financial system and the central banks that run it—though these claims have in the past been largely fringe ideas. The bitcoin price, now hovering …[continue reading]


POVERTY ISN’T A LACK OF CHARACTER; IT’S A LACK OF CASH A TALK BY RUTGER BREGMAN There are a whole lot of people lavishly employed in the profession of “helping” the poor. Are they really helping them? So are, but the total infrastructure is bloated, wasteful and ineffective. s there an alternative? “Poverty isn’t a …[continue reading]


With the pending Tokyo Olympics being termed the “Radioactive Games,” there are stark warnings for the health of everyone in Tokyo and the surrounding area of Fukushima after the nuclear disaster there 8 years ago. With a rising epidemic of thyroid cancer, whilst, thanks to “biomagnification” the radiation is spreading across the Pacific Ocean, as …[continue reading]

Hammer Time

The goat rodeo we’re seeing in US Congress, with AG Barr being held in contempt for refusing to break the law, with the calls for Trump’s impeachment and the Mueller Investigation, itself – all have been distractions being thrown up by Deep Staters to divert attention away from the many crimes of the corrupt establishment, …[continue reading]

Three gardaí, including a superintendent and inspector, arrested after raids

It’s understood this morning’s operation is connected to a wider investigation of a Munster-based crime gang. 2 hours ago 76,301 Views 103 Comments Share192 Tweet Email2 Image: Brian Lawless THREE GARDAÍ HAVE been arrested following raids on a number of premises in Munster this morning. A garda superintendent, inspector and ranking member are now being questioned on suspicion of …[continue reading]