“Donbass and Crimea – an insider view from journalist Eva Bartlett”

My dear friend & colleague Vanessa Beeley interviewed me on my experiences in the Donbass & Crimea, speaking together about the recent developments in the Donbass (Russia’s recognition of their independence; Ukraine’s increased bombardment of civilian areas of the Donbass).

Very grateful to Vanessa for having me on, for being so informed herself about these issues, and for her courageous journalism over the years.

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Vanessa writes:

Today I speak with friend, colleague and outstanding on-the-ground journalist, Eva Bartlett.

In 2019 Eva visited Donbass, Ukraine and Crimea. As always Eva brings out the heart of the situation from the people that are being “disappeared” by the criminal legacy media outlets in service to US/UK/NATO predator foreign policy.

This was written by Eva in 2019 relating to the photo I used for this interview:

Man in centre is DPR press officer and proud father, man furthest away is brave Gorlovka defender, based on front lines of Zaitsevo.

Press officer: “It’s a pity for me that Western media and the world don’t realize there is a Nazi state in the middle of Europe in the 21st Century. They support it and they cannot… When you release Nazis, its something you cannot control, you release a monster, like a Frankenstein creature. You release it and you cannot control them.

It’s a pity that we’re not here fighting together against Nazis. They are dangerous both for us and for the western world. If they finish with us, they will do the same to the western world.

The Western countries support the war crimes, support the killing of our people just because we speak our native language: Russian. That’s the only reason to kill us, just because we like Russia and speak Russian.

I was raised believing in the western ideals of human rights and democracy. And what do I have? I have no human rights. Ukrainian Nazis can kill me and they can go to European Parliament and they will be considered as heroes. They can kill without court, without justice, without anything.

They think we are traitors and Russian agents who betrayed the great Ukrainian nation.

They can kill you. They consider all the journalists as Russian propagandists. Their military can shoot you and never face justice. That goes against my understanding of human rights, that’s not the way I imagined things.”

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