Gigi Young Esoteric X Threshold: Rudolf Steiner Eighth Sphere Symbology!

We have to begin to discuss and consider the esoteric spiritual aspect of what is going on. We have to discuss all of the grounded stuff…we cannot turn our back on that. We cannot turn our back on the push [of all that’s happening now]. We now need to start weaving in the esoteric discussion.

“Part of that esoteric discussion, in my opinion, should center on the reality that there is a push to alter the genetics of mankind. We now need to start looking at these elites and [ask] what is their belief system? What is their religion? Who is their god? What do they believe? Because what we will find is that when we pull back the curtain, we pull back layers, and we see what their belief system is, all of [what’s now going on] will become very obvious, and we’ll also understand how to stop it.”