Brighteon Broadcast News, July 14, 2023 – Bombshell, historic court decision affirms cryptocurrencies are NOT regulated securities

– Huge court decision means cryptocurrencies aren’t, themselves, securities

– Only when crypto is offered to institutional investors with CONTRACTS is it considered a security

– Ripple’s huge victory means SEC’s latest attempt to destroy #crypto has failed

– If XRP isn’t a security when sold to the public through online exchanges then NOTHING IS

– Robert Kiyosaki urges people to move out of failed fiat and into #gold, #silver and #Bitcoin

– Almost exactly the same as my conclusions: Gold, silver and PRIVATE crypto

– BRICS meeting in August will spell the beginning of the end of global dollar dominance

– BRICS nations to announce a gold-back global cryptocurrency for international settlement

– The #dollar becomes increasingly useless by the day, no informed person will want to hold it

– Full interview with Peggy Hall, who is offering a free seminar: “Know Your Rights”

– How to push back against vax mandates and mask mandates, using your patients’ rights