86 Sabrina Wallace Videos On Electronic & Net-Centric Warfare, Biomedical Engineering, Wireless Body Area Network, Regenerative Medicine, Human Harvesting, Transhumanism & Civilian Targeting Program (w/ references, notes, comments)

Webmaster Introduction: There is much good information contained in these podcasts as well as in the associated comments sections. I certainly don’t agree with all of Sabrina Wallace’s assertions, but nonetheless currently regard much of the information to be plausible. That said, Sabrina claims to be an “augmented” DARPA black projects noninvasive N-2 survivor, which …[continue reading]

Math as Medicine: Breaking the Sound Barriers of Disease

By Sharry Edwards   This BioAcoustic series of article attempts to address the idea that we are math-based entities, from our thoughts to the very cellular structure of our body.  The protocols revealed here may provide an apparent diagnostic map for each of us: protect everyone from the latest pandemic via frequency-based formulations; as well as …[continue reading]

THE DRAGON & BLOOD — Nathan Reynolds – Luciferian Family Heir Nathan Reynolds, Who Left The Reynolds Family – SGT Report

Nathan Reynolds left The Reynolds Family’s empire behind when the cost to receive his inheritance was the life of his first born daughter. As a young boy Nathan’s innocence and body were used as a currency to purchase influence and power by his deep-rooted Luciferian family members. His grandfather working within the shielding of The …[continue reading]

Adverse events following COVID-19 mRNA vaccines: A systematic review of cardiovascular complication, thrombosis, and thrombocytopenia

Farah Yasmin 1, Hala Najeeb 1, Unaiza Naeem 1, Abdul Moeed 1, Abdul Raafe Atif 1, Muhammad Sohaib Asghar 2, Nayef Nimri 3, Maryam Saleem 3, Dhrubajyoti Bandyopadhyay 4, Chayakrit Krittanawong 5, Mohammed Mahmmoud Fadelallah Eljack 6, Muhammad Junaid Tahir 7, Fahad Waqar 3 Affiliations expand PMID: 36988252   PMCID: PMC10022421   DOI: 10.1002/iid3.807 Free PMC article Abstract Background and objectives: Since publishing successful clinical trial results of mRNA coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccines in December 2020, multiple reports have arisen about cardiovascular complications following …[continue reading]

We the Exploited: The U.S. Government Buys and Sells Its Citizens for Profit and Power

by John & Nisha Whitehead, The Rutherford InstituteNovember 15, 2023   Americans have become easy prey for hackers, scammers, snitches, spies, and con artists. But don’t be fooled into thinking the government is protecting you. To the contrary, the U.S. government is selling us (or rather, our data) to the highest bidders. By the way, those highest …[continue reading]

The cosmic code: dialogues with fifth dimensional beings and beyond

From outer space to inner space, we will explore the various life forms throughout the universe as reported by contactees. We will also come to understand the multidimensional reality we are living in and how intelligences can cross the barriers of time and space. An understanding that there is no real separation between our dimension …[continue reading]

Dr. Steven Greer just exposed everything about UFO’s and it should concern all of us.

Dr. Steven Greer shares his views on challenging authority, questioning conventional wisdom, and exposing the truth behind organized religion, political parties, institutions, and social movements. He highlights the alarming reality of important technologies and information being held covertly by an unelected and unappointed group, outside the oversight of the president and Congress, posing a grave …[continue reading]