Things We Should Understand: The Aristocracy Is Eating The Peasants

by Tyler Durden Friday, Jan 13, 2023 – 12:20 PM Authored by John Rubino via Substack, Most people (especially most Americans) still seem to view the events of the past half-century as more or less random. Booms and busts erupting out of nowhere, impoverishing all but a handful of lucky elites. Political crises that end …[continue reading]

God Will Act Against Worldwide Swamp – Bo Polny

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) Biblical cycle timing expert, geopolitical and financial analyst Bo Polny has made many freakishly correct predictions.  One of his biggest was in February of 2020 when Polny said the whole world was about to change forever.  Regarding the CV19 infections, lockdowns, masks, social distancing and bioweapon vax that …[continue reading]

Exclusive: WHO proposals could strip nations of their sovereignty

 – create Worldwide Totalitarian State, expert warns In an interview with The Defender, Francis Boyle, J.D., Ph.D., bioweapons expert and professor of international law at the University of Illinois, said the World Health Organization’s (WHO) latest proposals may violate international law. Boyle called for U.S. federal and state governments to exit the WHO immediately. By Michael …[continue reading]

THE GENERATIVE SEED | (God Man – Word Made Flesh) **Secret Hermetic Teachings**

Speaker: Ryan McMahon 00:00 – Intro 00:16 – The Sacred Secretion Physiology (The Claustrum Explained) 01:45 – The Land of Milk and Honey 02:35 – The Solar Plexus 03:51 – The Lusts of the Flesh Destroy the Seed (True Meaning of Tithing) 05:47 – The Most High (The Upper Brain) 07:35 – The Strait and …[continue reading]

Don’t Trust the Government with Your Privacy, Property or Your Freedoms

by John W. Whitehead January 13, 2023   EMAIL How do you trust a government that continuously sidesteps the Constitution and undermines our rights? You can’t. “We the people” should have learned early on that a government that repeatedly lies, cheats, steals, spies, kills, maims, enslaves, breaks the laws, overreaches its authority, and abuses its power …[continue reading]

Rhonda Byrne – The Secret To Love, Health & Money PART 12

Rhonda welcoming technique is so easy. You can actually feel that energy leave your body. And understanding your cause and effect shadows from the past, which you do not have to relive it at all to release. Having aha moments like watching a Peter Crone interview.And then to come to the realization that this was …[continue reading]

TRUE NORTH: ‘Jordan Peterson’, Enemy Of The State – By Jeffrey A. Tucker

By Jeffrey A. Tucker The famed psychologist and scholar, and global media personality, Jordan Peterson is being told that he must report to the Ontario College of Psychologists for re-education or else lose his license to practice. He is challenging the order in court, for whatever that’s worth.  (Also Read: Trudeau, Ford, Jordan Peterson: Trudeau …[continue reading]