U.S. senator Blumenthal raises concerns on 5G wireless technology’s potential health risks

U.S. Senator Blumenthal criticizes the FCC & FDA for inadequate answers on outstanding public health questions. Wireless carriers concede they are not aware of any independent scientific studies on safety of 5G technologies. EMBED A VIDEO (Optional): https://www.jrseco.com/u-s-senator-blumenthal-raises-concerns-on-5g-wireless-technologys-potential-health-risks/

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Martin Armstrong – USA Prettiest Ugly Sister in Global Economy

Legendary geopolitical and financial analyst Martin Armstrong says America’s economy is like being “the prettiest ugly sister in the family” of nations. So, if the U.S. economy is so good, why the rush to cut interest rates? Armstrong explains, “It’s really the world economy which is in serious trouble. You really have to look closely …[continue reading]

Rick Strassman MD, author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule, interviewed by Graham Hancock

In his first public appearance for several years, Rick Strassman shares the background, performance, and interpretation of his 1990s groundbreaking research at the University of New Mexico. In this series of experiments—the first new American clinical research with psychedelic drugs in a generation—dozens of human volunteers received hundreds of doses of DMT, one of the …[continue reading]

Do You Truly Have Free Will?

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.             ~ Carl Jung   I love that Jung quote.  I’ve used it generously in conversation, seminars and writings throughout the years. Initially, I assumed that the “unconscious” he referred to the place in our brains where our …[continue reading]

Alien Elohim Created and Still Control Modern Humans w/ Mauro Biglino (1of2)

Vatican translator, Mauro Biglino, rejoins the program to discuss his work translating the original biblical transcripts including the old and new testaments of the bible. He claims the old testament is a story explaining how humans were genetically created in labs around the world by the alien Elohim, using both the DNA of Apes and …[continue reading]


This discussion will have you spinning as all the pieces come together and land back into the British Privy Council and Monarch … once again. After listening to Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben reveal the BIGGEST SECRET of all, click this link to see the evidence that they found to support their claims: https://aim4truth.org/2019/07/11/the-… EMBED …[continue reading]

Humans are Holograms, Frequency Controls Everything w/ Sharry Edwards

Sharry Edwards joins the program to discuss her amazing abilities and how she developed an entire new field of medicine and science called BioFrequency. She has worked with MIT, Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins, the U.S. Military, and many other institutions while developing her the database behind this amazing science. She believes this will ultimately be …[continue reading]