The War on Children (2024) – Full Film

‘The War on Children’ exposes the battle plan being used to control the future by controlling the minds of the next generation. Featuring whistleblowers, trafficking victims, survivors of child mutilation, corporate executives, Senator Rand Paul, Riley Gaines, a drag performer, Pornhub’s Sex Ed Instructor, the creator of Libs of TikTok and many more, ‘The War on Children’ exposes the plan to sexualize children.

Sensing the danger of communism rising in America, Director Robby Starbuck, whose family fled Cuba, became vocally political in 2015 by endorsing President Trump. He knew this would come with consequences in Hollywood but he did it anyway and he was blacklisted as a result.

He didn’t let that deter him, though and in 2022, Robby later ran for Congress with endorsements from Senator Rand Paul, Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk, Congressman Thomas Massie and more. Despite leading in the polls, he was suddenly thrown off the ballot with no explanation and the Supreme Court of Tennessee later ruled that the state Republican party could throw anyone off the ballot if their leadership simply didn’t want them.

These setbacks have not stopped him from continuing to speak out in defense of freedom and keeping the reality of the American Dream alive on The Robby Starbuck Show.

Robby’s wife of 15 years, Landon Starbuck is the founder of the non-profit Freedom Forever that combats the exploitation of children by educating, training, and mobilizing effective activism across the United States.

Together they’ve organized the largest school board protest in Tennessee history. They have also led on important issues like the Childhood Protection & Restoration Act, organizing the largest border march against illegal immigration, banning sex changes for kids in Tennessee, removing pornographic books from school libraries and banning drag queens from performing in front of child in Tennessee. Their Christian faith is very important to them as they are active members of their church and God is at the center of everything they do.