Milei’s Argentina – A House of Rothschild Coup Helena Glass

Milei!  Milei!   He has saved Argentina!   The government has a surplus…   How exactly does that impact the people?   GDP dropped 4.5%, inflation ramped up to 250% and poverty has grown to over 57%!   Wow!  What an achievement.   The people are so much better off – according to anyone living outside of – Argentina.

Mileie is so excited having met with Blinken – yesterday.  Together they have devised a plan of mutual benefit for running Argentina in line with the liberal West.   Simultaneously, Milei is at CPAC supposedly discussing his view that the Liberal West is a dangerous and turbulent autocracy.

In addition to being Argentina’s largest foreign investor and its third-largest trade partner, the United States has the most control of any country over the International Monetary Fund, to which Argentina owes $40 billion.

Somehow the MAGA right is oblivious to these significant hypocritical ideologies and instead focuses on the ‘government surplus’ achievement.   YET:  Milei criticizes Russia and China, pulled out of the BRICS, and has aligned with the Biden regime and Israel.   Like that other good ole boy we like to remember – Pence.  The wolf.

What could Blinken have possibly discussed with Milei?   Resources.  And their collaboration/confiscation by US western cartels.   Specifically – Lithium.   But Argentina is rich in many valuable resources despite its failing economy, including;  oil, gas, agriculture land, coal, aluminum, potash, zinc, etc..   All the dirty fossil fuels that The West declares must be vanquished.   While simultaneously colonizing countries for these same pollution designated fuels.

Milei has expressed his intention of using the surplus to pay down some IMF loans while leveraging to ‘borrow more’.  So how did Milei achieve this unprecedented surplus?   Taxes!  Lots of taxes.  Import goods will face tax increases of 7% to 17% and export taxes will increase by 15% – with the exception on soy.  Their balance of trade with the US is -$62 billion.    Historically, their largest trade partners have been China and Brazil.   An anti-China stance will revert to an increase with —  the US.

Privatization of public entities is the next Milei restructuring.  In particular, the chopping block currently includes healthcare, airlines and media.  Their oil company was considered but has been taken off the privatization scrap list.   He is also vacating the Central Bank of Argentina in favor of the US Federal Reserve monopoly under Powell.   AND – the Rothschild BIS.

Speaking out of both sides of his mouth, Milei is the epitome of Pencism.   A converted Jew, his loyalty resides with the Cartel that imposed him in office – Rothschild.

DEBT is Argentina’s debilitation.   In addition to the IMF, private bond holders include;  BlackRock, Pimco, and Fidelity.   To whom Milei is beholden.  The largess cause of the collapse of Argentina has been its debt infused economy as created by the IMF>

The biggest shock therapy that Milei instituted immediately upon his ascension to Presidency was to slice and dice food subsidies which immediately led to a 15% increase in destitution.  People     NOT his streength – which is a preferred attribute when working with The Club Cartel.

In 1994, Argentina’s debt was $74 billion, by 2023 that liability had increased to nearly $407 billion.   The slide from prosperity to poverty was initiated in 2001.   Despite media outlets blaming the policies of government, the IMF was directly responsible, given they were essentially running the economy:   “when a partial deposit freeze, a partial default on public debt, and an abandonment of the fixed exchange rate led to a collapse in output, high levels of unemployment, and political and social turmoil. These events raised questions regarding the country’s relationship with the IMF because they happened while its economic policies were under the close scrutiny of an IMF-supported program.” 

The main progenitor – rising interest rates as imposed by the IMF.  

The same rising interest rates that are now destroying the US economy.   The same debt riddle that is now destroying the US economy.   ALL purposefully.   So as to colonize assets while creating a landscape of dire poverty – and peasantry for The Global Order.

The Paris Club is also a holder of Argentinian debt.   Their role is to renegotiate debt for countries that go into default – including Argentina.   What The Club gets in return for debt restructuring or forgiveness is a debatable table topic.   Once a country is secured within the Paris Club, their sovereignty is destroyed, they become beholden, their resources are sold at discount rates, and their debt rises…   Argentina is an example of colonized debt.   “We’ll help you out in the short term, but you must submit to our control over your economy and government”…


The Paris Club was formed in 1956 after the Argentinian coup overthrowing the government of Peron.  The coup was orchestrated by the UK and US to gain control of Argentina’s nationalized assets.  The prominent banks that were instrumental in The Club were owned by Rothschild and their adopted son, JP Morgan.

RUSSIA:   After the fall of Napoleon, the Rothschilds turned their hatred upon the Romanov family.  Assassinating the Tzar, his wife, and 5 daughters in the 1917 Revolution, utilizing the Red Guard, Rothschild looted the Imperial Bank of Moscow of $700 million in gold, the imperial jewels and cash totaling over $1 billion.  In addition, the Russian Tzar had deposited over $400 million in US banks which Rothschild controlled – and also confiscated.   An equivalent of roughly $250 billion today.  None of this money has ever been returned to Russia.

The House of Rothschild felt their petty banking loan shark business was not garnering the control they envisioned – so expansion into government debt seemed the best solution to achieve the global order that had been the goal since the 17th century.  The Paris Club – the son of the Rothschild – IMF.

Today, Milei is working in conjunction with the Rothschild Cartel to re-establish the Argentine Dynasty of South America under the auspices of the original World Order aspiration of Rothschild.  All with the assistance of the Rothschild Zion puppet – Blinken.

Indoctrinated and groomed since at least 2012, fame, money, and power were proffered – and given Milei had no distinct values, he was seemingly more than willing to join the Club.   THIS – is how it is done.   And has been done since the 17th century – by The House of Rothschild.