A Fresh Approach To EMFs, Smart Meters, 5G, & Vaccines with Josh Del Sol Beaulieu, Cal Washington

5G smart meters, EMFs, and vaccines all affect our well-being, but what can we do about it? It doesn’t seem we always have the option to opt out of smart meters. School systems seem to require vaccines. 5G and non-native electromagnetic frequencies are virtually everywhere. Are there any solutions available to us? How can we protect ourselves?

This is episode 463, and our guests are Josh Del Sol Beaulieu and Cal Washington. Josh is the man behind the Take Back Your Power documentary, and he has helped form the community that seeks to establish a way out of the manmade technology that is damaging our health. Cal Washington is the Cofounder of the InPower Movement. He is a family man turned law merchant scholar.

Together, they share recent research that exposes the health risks associated with the technologies I mentioned, EMFs, 5G smart meters, and vaccinations. Josh and Cal also reveal a fresh approach to empowering ourselves in relation to the companies that seem to be steamrolling over us with these technologies. They enumerate concrete action steps that we can take to safeguard our health and hold accountable those who are responsible for impinging on our health freedom.