Alan Watt – Understanding The Control

The Man who warned of the encroaching technocratic takeover for decades.

Independent Canadian researcher/thinker/radio host Alan Watt has been a quiet ‘force of nature’ for the past two decades on the Internet. His abrupt death in early March of 2021 caught many by surprise.

This series of interviews from 2010 was produced as a superb documentary on some of the key ideological thoughts/ruminations from Alan Watts’ mind. It functions as a splendid and concise introduction to his thought in general. Alan Watt discusses the multigenerational ideas, actors, books, foundations, institutions, and families of the connected global elite’s plan for total control.

Alan Watt: “When you find out democracy never existed in the first place, you will eventually come to the realization that you’re up against a system that is very very very old. It’s the only truly organized system on the whole planet.”

Alan’s calm voice and sharp mind will be missed.

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