A Timely Reminder — Nuremberg 2.0 is in Session

To quote a timely report:
“During the Nuremberg trials, the media were also prosecuted and members were killed for lying to the public, along with many of the doctors and Nazis found guilty of crimes against humanity.”
Perhaps we should remind FB and Twitter and all the Mainstream Media Talking Heads?
Media, too.
And “Uniformed Officers” — medical doctors —mindlessly assisting in these experimental medical procedures using living people as lab rats.
It wasn’t just the monsters of Auchwitz being paid back at Nuremberg— oh, no.
The Media Mouthpieces and the doctors who betrayed their profession and their oath were hauled up, too; however, in 1946, hanging was the world-standard form of capital punishment.
So they all hung.
Today, it’s death by lethal injection.
God created irony for a reason.
Those who don’t believe in God and don’t respect karma should be provided with a grainy black and white photo of all those dangling corpses and asked to reflect upon the meaning of what went on there, at Nuremberg, a little over seventy years ago.
Those who don’t remember the past really are condemned to relive it.