Will Central Bank Digital Currencies Kill Bitcoin? | #LIVE AMA with Simon Dixon

Simon Dixon (co-founder of BnkToTheFuture.com and author of Bank To The Future Protect Your Future Before Governments Go Bust) answers the burning question many are asking: Will Central Banks Digital Currencies kill Bitcoin.

About Simon:

Simon Dixon is the CEO & co-founder of online investment platform BnkToTheFuture.com who have invested over US$850m in FinTech & Bitcoin companies. An ex-investment banker turned Bitcoiner & author of the book ‘Bank to the Future’. An active FinTech, Blockchain & Bitcoin angel investor with investments in Bitfinex, BitPay, Coinbase, Kraken, Circle, BitStamp and over 100 others. You will find Simon regularly quoted & appearing in much of the major press & media including BBC, FT, CNBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal to mention a few.

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