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“I have over 13,000 children in my pediatric practice and I have to say, as unpopular as this observation might be, my unvaccinated children are by far the healthiest,” says Dr. Paul Thomas, a Dartmouth-trained pediatrician and addiction specialist who has been practicing medicine for 30 years. “I’ve had a team compiling data for a research study that is now undergoing peer review—some of which is published in my new book, ’The Vaccine-Friendly Plan.’ The data is surprising and counter-intuitive, perhaps, but it shows very clearly that the incidence of chronic disease and brain abnormalities in the entirely unvaccinated children in my practice, even those with siblings with autism, is much much lower than in children following the CDC’s recommended schedule.”……
“I observed that my unvaccinated children were healthier, hardier and more robust than their vaccinated peers. Allergies, asthma and pallor and behavioral and attentional disturbances were clearly more common in my young patients who were vaccinated. My unvaccinated patients, on the other hand, did not suffer from infectious diseases with any greater frequency or severity than their vaccinated peers: their immune systems generally handled these challenges very well.”–IPhilip Incao ……….
“The children I have who are unvaccinated are, across the board, healthier;
and I can just tell you that.” Dr. Cornelia Franz, 30 year pediatrician…..
“There is virtually no autism, asthma, allergies, respiratory illness, or diabetes in his unvaccinated children, an impressive statistic when compared to national rates.” Dr. Eisenstein and his practice have cared for more than 50,000 children who were minimally or not vaccinated at all. …..
“I see daily in my practice evidence of vaccine injury and I hear stories almost every day of families that vaccinate children and then decide not to vaccinate and the unvaccinated children within the same family are healthier, more socially adjusted and more capable academically even though their parents are older than the siblings who were born first and were fully vaccinated.” Dr. Kelly Sutton, M.D………..
“As a concerned, compassionate and considerate paediatrician, I can only arrive at one conclusion. Unvaccinated children have by far the best chance of enjoying marvellous health. Any vaccination at all works to cripple the chances of this end.” The Marvellous Health of Unvaccinated Children by Françoise Berthoud, MD….
“Doing this for 15 years now, I will share with you that the vaccinated kids are the sickest, the partially vaccinated kids are not as sick, and the unvaccinated kids are the healthiest.” Dr. Bob Zajac is a board-certified pediatrician
“During those 30 years I have run against so many histories of little children who had never seen a sick day until they were vaccinated and who, in the several years that have followed, have never seen a well day since. I couldn’t put my finger on the disease they have. They just weren’t strong. Their resistance was gone. They were perfectly well before they were vaccinated. They have never been well since.” – Dr. William Howard Hay, MD
“My kids who’ve never been vaccinated in my practice, I don’t see those issues. I don’t have one child who was not vaccinated who also has asthma, food allergies, or Asperger’s or autism, or Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis-none of these chronic, either chronic inflammatory or chronic autoimmune diseases” – Dr. Toni Bark, MD
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“The unvaccinated children are healthier.”
Bologna, October 28, 2015 – “The unvaccinated children are healthier.” To support are not pseudo-healers, magicians or sorcerers. But more than 120 doctors, after weeks of debate and controversy on the subject, they come out with an open letter at the Higher Institute of Health. Link:…
Studies, doctor’s testimonies, thousands upon thousands of parents ALL confirm, unvaccinated FAR healthier..https://childhealthsafety.w……