This is a great piece of satire! This is such a serious subject and it’s so hard to address the conspiracy theorists head-on because, basically, they’re mad and not amenable to reason … “taking the piss” is probably the best approach, and this is a brilliant feature-length piss-take.

Promoting the idea that Covid is a hoax and vaccines are dangerous is tantamount to incitement to murder, it’s essential that films like this are made to discredit those mad people who are gaining more than their fair share of media attention.

From the anonymous “mother of 12 years” (who is clearly barely old enough to be a mother at all) complaining that a vaccine made her child autistic, to the “mother researcher” who clearly wouldn’t know a research paper or a scientific fact if it hit her in the face, this documentary mercilessly tears apart the “true life” proponents of these viewpoints, exposing them for what they are: at best, the paranoid and insane, at worst the charlatans and con-tricksters.

My only criticism of this film is that it’s not quite clear enough that this *is* satire and irony,

I think some people might watch this and believe that it’s a serious film promoting the very conspiracy theories that it’s been created to debunk.