SGT FRIDAY has been thrown off of Twitter numerous times. As a result of not being able to tweet, he began posting videos on YouTube with his often amusing and well-developed thoughts about our current psychological civil war.


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SGT FRIDAY has been thrown off of Twitter numerous times. As a result of not being able to tweet, he began posting videos on YouTube with his often amusing and well-developed thoughts about our current psychological civil war.

SGT FRIDAY is a self-described autist and he says he didn’t graduate from high school but he has impressive analytical skills, delivered by his potty mouth and with this incredible “Fargo”-meets-“Goodfellas” accent, that I’m guessing is from Rochester or Buffalo, NY. He says he’s from New York but he sounds like he could be in Detroit or Chicago.

I’m offering you his thoughts not because I endorse or totally agree with him but because he says some things here that I’ve never heard put quite this way before – and I find that very intriguing, in and of itself.

Sometimes, I like to let a new paradigm kick around in my head for a while before I decide whether or not it makes sense.

This is a long livestream and I’ve set the in and outpoints for a 10-minute segment starting about half an hour in, where he begins to explain how the Nazis actually won World War II and that this is who we’re still fighting today:

He says, “What you may not understand and what you may not want to believe is that everything that you’ve seen has been the continuation of the Third Reich.

“The Third Reich did not go away. It did not hide in Argentina. The Third Reich went to Libya. The Third Reich went to Egypt. And the Third Reich gave birth to Yasser Arafat of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

“All these things you see in the modern world today are the exact same terror tactics that the Nazis taught the Muslims and the Arabs during – and specifically after – they lost the war. They took their ideology…their hatred of the Jews, which was an easy place to plant the seed; they already had hate for Jews.

“But the Nazi regime, the top trainers of the military, the top trainers of their covert forces became top security agents for the people that ruled Egypt, Libya, Iraq and Palestine.

“These people continued with the movement of what the Nazi regime’s main goal was, which was world domination.

“Now, I know this sounds conspiratorial to you but if you just watch The History Channel, it tells you this…

“Another interesting thing that people are not realizing is the reason why Donald Trump doesn’t like Angela Merkel. Do you really think that he doesn’t like Angela because of her ugly Hillary f*ing haircut or because she’s ugly?

“The reason he doesn’t like Angela Merkel is because Angela Merkel and the European Union ARE the Fourth Reich! They’re the ones that have changed their f*ing fighters from the blond-haired, blue-eyed white man to the Muslims. They’re the ones that have allowed and have encouraged and created conflict in the Middle East, to drive millions of fighters across the channel into the body of Europe.

“This is why Trump doesn’t like Angela Merkel. She and the European Union and others, other world leaders have played into this. And they’ve enabled a system under which, not only America was culled; not only was America f*d by China and all these trade deals.

“Not only were we screwed by our own regulations, not only were we screwed because our media keeps telling us the same message, over and over and over again, that’s a lie – but the actual mechanisms of defeating Europe, itself were put in motion. Never more so, than once Barack Hussein Obama became the President of the United States.

“You’ve never, ever, ever been free of the ideology of Nazi Germany. Yes, you beat them in the battlefield but their ideology was spread and that’s what you’re still fighting today.

“That, to me is the big elephant in the room. People don’t understand. You keep saying, ‘It’s the Muzzies, it’s the Muzzies, it’s the Muslims, it’s the Islamists.’ But what is the root of an Islamist? The Islamist’s roots is Nazism. That’s the nature of the battle that you’re fighting.

“This country, through propaganda, through Nazi-style propaganda was almost completely conquered. This country, through Nazi-style propaganda, went on the march around the world to create conflicts, to create discord among the nations of the world. Your sons and daughters were used as mercenaries to create a goal, which is Fascism…

“You run around saying to yourself and pointing to the people on Twitter, ‘Your a Fascist, not me!’ and you’re right. But you don’t understand the deepness of what you’re saying. Unfortunately, most of us don’t want to look at the absolutely disgusting reality of what we’re living in.

“When the Left is called Fascist by us, we’re right. But we’re not taking the next leap of faith. If they’re Fascists today, where did that get that from…?

“Nazism and Fascism were never extinguished. We extinguished the armies of Germany. We did not extinguish the philosophy of Fascism. It simply re-located and for the last 70 years, it’s been building its strength.

“That’s the nature of the battle you’re fighting today. And let me just tell you something: You’re kickin’ its f*in’ ass…!

“You have to take Germans out of…your mind. It’s Fascism. It’s Nazi Fascism that you’re fighting. It doesn’t mean they’re German. Some of ’em are…the Libyan leader [Qaddafi] wasn’t Fascist enough…they didn’t kill Qaddafi because he was making nuclear weapons. They didn’t kill Qaddafi because he was slaughtering more f*in’ people. They killed Qaddafi for the opposite reason, because he turned his back on that ideology…

“The Islamists are the Nazis. Listen, there wouldn’t even be a Palestinian-Israeli conflict if it wasn’t for Nazis. If it wasn’t for Fascism getting involved in the Middle East, there never would have been a Palestine screaming for a state. One of the main reasons why you’ll never see a state between Palestine and Israel is because Palestinian Fascism needs to be eradicated. That’s the problem.

“This has got nothing to do – just so you understand – the battles of the Middle East with Israel have f*ing nothing to do with 2,500 years of Biblical arguments. They have nothing to do with that, Folks.

“That’s a lie…The problem Israel has in the Middle East is Fascism. Fascism that’s become Islamist.

“The Islamists were taught by the Fascists to continue the battle of Fascism. That’s the problem Israel faces. That’s the problem the planet faces…

“When you see people on YouTube rattle off a little video clip of 50 different f*in’ news agencies around the country all using the same words, every single person from Congress that’s part of the impeachment rattles off the same words…that is Fascism, pure and simple.

“Fascism. That’s what we’re fighting and that is why Islam moved and anchored itself in Germany.”