As the perversion of US law known as the “impeachment inquiry” winds up its second week, one might ask what this bizarre circus is all about?

Who does the National Security Council staff member, Alexander Vindman and the so-called “whistleblower” really represent, to say nothing of Adam Schiff and the House Democrats? Hint: It’s not the American people.

As former CIA head of Diplomatic Security at the State Department, Kevin Shipp says here, “A man is known by his enemies. Donald Trump is being attacked from every side by the Deep State and the Shadow Government, which is a clear indication that they’re terrified of him, they hate him. And a clear indication that he’s the first president since JFK that has stood up squarely against the Shadow Government and the Deep State and that’s why they’re his enemy.”

The Deep State is everyone’s enemy and it’s important to know one’s enemy. The term “Deep State” is being thrown around a lot and most people don’t know what it means, let alone believe it exists.

Some think it’s the Military Industrial Complex and the world’s largest corporations. Others think it refers to a permanent bureaucratic class and the endemic corruption that can arise from that. All of these are parts of it but the Deep State is less about any institution than it is a parasitic invasion that turns the host into its agent.

The Deep State is a transnational infiltration of governments, corporations and universities by a hierarchical cabal of controlled agents of influence. It is a criminal racketeering operation of a mind-boggling, global scale. We may also refer to it as the “Globalists”, the “New World Order” or the “Cabal”.

All of the major bank- and corporate CEOs and other agents of influence in the government, in academe and in the arts are controlled and co-opted by the Globalists. This affects which projects or corporations do and don’t get financed; whose voices get heard, what books become Bestsellers, what Hollywood films get made, what healthcare and education programs become standard, what fuel is used, what technologies get suppressed, what infrastructure is built and how every nook and cranny of consequence in the whole world is controlled.

Top agents are selected and controlled via blackmail. Jeffrey Epstein is a window into how they’re controlled and kept in line, as is described perfectly in this video by Mark Anthony Taylor, who is single-handedly litigating against the Globalist bankers’ manipulation of the precious metals markets.

It’s not just bankers and CEOs who are controlled by the Globalists, it’s all of the high-profile artists, actors, musicians and journalists. They are agents of controlled influence, manufactured and elevated to control the narrative, to control the culture and distract the masses.

As Tiffany FitzHenry explains, “Politics is downstream from culture. In order to influence politics, people who know what they’re doing start with culture…By influencing culture, you influence the world.”

The entertainment business, like the rest of the Mainstream Media is controlled by the CIA and other intelligence agencies, via the major talent agencies and assets (talent). Ever notice how actors and pop stars all have to become spokespeople for Globalist causes, like Climate Change?

This system was initially put in place in the first decade of the 20th century by the British Empire, with the foundation of MI5, MI6 and the FBI.

The original staffing of these agencies were the newspaper men of the day. In other words, the mainstream media was the driver of the intelligence agencies, as is explained here (the CIA was then founded later in 1947).

When extra narrative control is needed, you call in the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL’s Silicon Valley Anti-Cyberhate Working Group includes representatives from all the tech giants. ADL is the main contractor in YouTube’s Trusted Flagger program and ADL’s hate specs are programmed into Google-YouTube’s machine learning algorithms.

Dr. John Coleman mentioned ADL several times in his 1991 book, The Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Committee of 300 and you may be surprised by what he said:

“The Anti-Defamation League is an outright British intelligence operation run by all three branches of British intelligence, that is, MI6 and the JIO…Let nobody underestimate the power of the ADL, nor its long reach…The ADL has an open door to the State Department and makes good use of State’s impressive intelligence agency…

“The ADL is a British intelligence operation founded in the US by MI6 and run by Saul Steinberg and Eric Trist of Tavistock. Saul Steinberg is the US representative and business partner of the Jacob de Rothschild family of London…[ADL is] a joint FBI-British intelligence operation designed to single out right wing groups and their leaders and put them out of business before they grow too large and too influential.”

The top leaders of the Cabal are not public. People like the Rothschilds and George Soros make up their managerial class.

The people at the very top of the Cabal control the central banking system. They only care about doing whatever it takes to maintain their control over the right to issue money. Any political ideology that can be harnessed in service of that is fine by them.

In the past, Capitalism has worked for the Cabal but as we move into a completely digitized world with digital currencies, it’s apparently been determined that an Authoritarian, Socialist system will work better for them.

There is also a spiritual component to this, that is ultimately the cause of all this.